Do you ever find yourself just minding your own business when a humiliating memory from a night out manages to claw its way out of nowhere? Same. Hitting up the club can be a lot of fun, but when you’re stuck in a room full of equally intoxicated people, someone’s bound to embarrass themselves at some point during the night. In celebration of Awkward Moments Day (yes, this holiday actually exists you guys), we’re rounding up 10 moments you wish you could forget happened to you on a night out. Let the cringefest begin!

When somebody comes up to you but you forgot what their name was


When you tell your friends you’re not drunk at all and fall

“I meant to do that, guys.”

When he asks you what that tongue do but the straw refuses to cooperate

Lemme just...nope...wait give me a minute...aaah....I swear I did this right the last time.

When you introduce yourself to someone using a fake name and your friend calls you by your real name


When you want another drink but your wallet says no

And when you’re still thirsty AF but gotta save the last few bucks in your pocket for your Grab ride home.

When you get a message from your Tinder match saying, “I see you”

Somebody call the police.

When the cutie you’ve been eyeing finally comes to you but starts hitting on your friend

Leave me alone to die.

When the guy you've been seeing shows up with another girl

Wait who’s the side piece though???

When you get to your table only to find someone else sitting there with their friends

Umm can we ask a bouncer to kick them out?

When you realize the person you’ve been grinding all night isn’t cute

Excuse me, I just need to go to the bathroom. *never comes back*

Tell us in the comments below which ones you have experienced so far! Happy Awkward Moments Day!