Rally your sisters, girlfriends, and every other woman in your life and give a slow clap for them during International Women’s Day. Throughout history, we’ve seen badass women rise against all their problems and enemies, claiming they aren’t to be messed with. Today is no different, with our world filled with these strong, empowered women whose memorable moments and accomplishments are flooded through social media. Don’t they wanna make you scream?

With this in mind, let’s have a look at ten women who see the badassery and raw girl power.

Dua Lipa



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Purely listed down for her couldn’t-care-less attitude towards men, translated through her hit songs such as IDGAF and New Rules, Dua Lipa has become the patron saint of not caring about our exes and simply loving ourselves. You might think that it’s a shallow thought, but the amount of girls inspired by these two particular songs, helping them live happier after breakups, is enough to give her some credit.

Martine Cajucom


because this super insane glam lewk doesn’t happen every day ?

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Martine Cajucom, a.k.a. our #GirlBoss goal, had brought life to Sunnies Studios as its creative director. Working to form the world intro her pastel-perfect image, she finds the fitting faces, like Liza Soberano for example, hosting elegant events, and using her power to help some kids out.




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In a certain way, Zendaya seems like a fresher, more relevant version of Emma Watson, but we’re not in the mood for pitting women against each other. With her firm beliefs and idealism for a better, more equal and diverse world, Zendaya serves as a role model for all the little girls who want to see themselves as someone cool, strong, and important.

Nadine Lustre


No problem. #whisperalldaynocheck ? @joannagee

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Her place in the spotlight puts her at the centre of criticism 24/7. You may or may not remember last year’s “It’s 2017!” comment when the actress was put down about living with James Reid. Her survival of everyone’s judgement, and how she continues to revel in her youth is what makes her a badass and an icon for her followers.

Ashley Graham

Quite possibly the most famous plus size model, Ashley Graham is a badass who literally broke the rules that was set by society. As a host on ANTM, we’re pretty damn sure she had something to do with the latest season’s inclusion of plus sized models. Beauty is beauty, and it isn’t limited to a size six. At least not anymore.

Jess Connelly



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Jess Connelly’s known for her chill music, cool vibe, and sweet streetwear. Some women prefer bodycon dresses that hug your body tightly, whilst others can rock some joggers and a bomber jacket and call it a night out. To quote from the first ever #SceneZoned star, “I just wear whatever pleases me”. With no desire to conform and several hit songs on Spotify, she’s one to look up to.



Animals! Watch Praying (Live from my Rainbow Tour) on @vevo at link in bio! ?????

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You know Kesha as the girl who was trapped, only to come out years later with the truth. Happily living her life again, as you can see from her more light hearted-yet-deep songs, she’s inspired not only girls, but all victims, to speak out against their villains, even before the #TimesUp movement had started.

Pia Wurtzbach


The 1st selfie. 2 years ago today ? #DreamComeTrue

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Does this even need any explanation? Pia Wurtzbach’s literally the embodiment of someone whose wishes all came true. Becoming Miss Universe, making her way to movie stardom, and even landing her super hot boyfriend Marlon Stockinger all showed just how much she’s worked hard. She used the platform Miss Universe gave her and built upon it.

Lady Gaga


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An inspiration to all people, gay, straight, female or male, Lady Gaga was perhaps the empowering force of LGBT in the early 2010s, even until now. A woman who literally started her career off by being different and standing out in a crowd, the mother monster had set apart a new normal and the world listened.

Katrina Ponce-Enrile

As women go, Katrina Ponce-Enrile, mother of our #GenerationLit star Kris Ponce-Enrile, is pretty damn fabulous. By influencing not only her daughter but the rest of her followers and inspiring them to pick up some brushes, she’s somehow added into the ever-growing beauty of the world. As one half of The Makeup Addicts, a beauty blog and YouTube channel run by her and Kris, Kat’s impression is a lasting and unforgettable one. There is not limit when it comes to beauty, as it’s one thing in life that has no age.

In many different methods and forms, all of these women who seem to just be living their lives, are practicing the strength of badass women simply by doing what they’re doing. Their respective works and platforms is the hope that some girls need, by seeing them and thinking, “I want to be just like her.” Who’s the #GirlBoss in your life? Show some love and tag her in the comments below!