Although one can argue we’ve been living in a perpetual state of summer (sobrang init, mga bes!), every new season brings us new sets of stylish clothes and even better inspos. Our current situation? Fawning over red carpet looks, runway role models, and festival-friendly aesthetics that would serve us one bright and beautiful summer vacation. Should it even be said that we look towards our glamorous influencers for their take on the matter, or is that obvious?

With the internet essentially being a mood/style board for your creative mind, which of these summer trends that the hottest stars love is the right one for you?

Opt for a hair colour that nobody would expect



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We’re back to the pastel pink lifestyle, at least when it comes to our hair. Leave it to one of the most influential people in our lifetime, Kim Kardashian, to inspire us to color our hair pink. Think about those thirst traps you can take in Palawan or La Union using this whimsical look. Isn’t that so beach-chic?

Find shades in more interesting shapes


We all got the ? memo.... @belapadilla @lovipoe #SeamasterAquaterra

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When it comes to eyewear, our favorite accessories are the ones that make us feel like the heart eyes emoji. Luckily the uber famous actress and style star Heart Evangelista brought back the feminine lenses this summer. Matching her name and our mood, this is a style we absolutely <3.

Get beachy with wavy hair


OMG it’s Monday. ?: @erwincanlas @escapetothepalace

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Whether you’re fresh from the beach or you’re too broke to actually go on a vacation, wavy beach hair is a look that states “I’m having a damn good summer”. Like Kris Ponce-Enrile of The Makeup Addicts, style your hair in an easy breezy way, sure to make your friends envious of your summer escape. Even if you didn’t have one.

Electrify your haters with bright eyeshadow


Lemon Lids??? @robbiepinera @santiagoraymond ?

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It’s bright, it’s loud, and it’s eye-catching, a vivid shade of yellow eyeshadow is sure to have people notice you, and even prolong eye contact from those interested in the art of makeup. Georgina WIlson, mother of one and an OG It Girl, stuns us all with this lemon-reminiscent shade that makes her face pop.  

Make #throwback your main aesthetic


Future History ? #JesXfujifilmxa3 #16mm

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Before you can truly dress up with a #retro peg, you need to pinpoint what decade you’re trying to bring back. When you’re looking at vintage ~inspired~ tees like the one Jessica Yang wears, think ‘70s or ‘80s. How can you tell? Have a look at the use of color as well as the graphics on the shirt. SO cute.

Let prints charming whisk you away


Caught in the moment. #candid ??

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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends like Shay Mitchell has, you’ll see that bold colors matched with loud prints are the way to go this 2018. It’s a vivid and meaningful look that’s been inspired by culture and you’ll see it on the runways, the cinemas (hello Black Panther), and even failed photoshoots (hello Coleen Garcia).

More is not always more


baby face Monday

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On the flip side of wearing all those prints, you might want to keep a touch of simplicity within your look. Hailey Baldwin (who recently looked FAB during the iHeartRadio Music Awards) rocks this crisp white crop top that you can use to create balance with your printed pieces from before.

Keep it ~high~ fashion with boots and shorts


My optimism is as high as my boots.?

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There are people who already get iffy about thigh-high boots, but have you ever considered hip-high? Lovi Poe pairs this bright orange pair with distressed of high waisted shorts and honestly, we LOVE the look. We know boots aren’t meant for the summer but maybe you can pull it off during a really extra trip to Uptown Mall or a night out in Revel.

This hat isn’t kicking the bucket



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I’ve always disliked the bucket hat but I can’t deny that it’s making a comeback. If you tell anyone I said that I ~will~ call you a liar. The bucket hat is sort of becoming a thing once again, as you can see on Kaia Gerber’s head, and I have mixed feelings. Sure, some people can make it work, but when select people wear it, they end up looking like a lost dad on vacation.

Thin scarves make thick impressions


SO happy to wear one layer again! ?

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It’s hot. The hubadera lifestyle is sooo tempting, but sometimes that leaves you with only a few style options. Why not borrow a tip from Nicole Anderson and tie a thin printed scarf around your neck and let it do the color work for you? Less clothes, same amount of effort don’t you think?

 Summer is here and it’s time for both your beauty and wardrobe makeover. Which of our iconic lewks are you planning to rock this summer? Is the bucket hat really brought back? And who’s getting their hair colored something funky? Tell us all the deets in the comments section below!