Oscars season is here again and we just can’t wait to see who and which films are gonna take the awards this year!

A lot of great movies have been nominated for best feature films, but there are also a lot of amazing titles that the Academy has snubbed. And we wonder W H Y? We came up with a list of movies we think should’ve definitely won an Academy Award, or at least should have been nominated.

1. Wonder Woman 

Recently, women empowerment has been the forefront of a lot of movies and shows. A superhero movie being nominated for an Academy Award is a long shot, but we believe that Wonder Woman deserves it. A brilliant woman for a directer, Patty Jenkins, alongside a great cast of women like Gal Gadot and Robin Wright. The movie had the perfect mix of action and a great and touching storyline - not to mention great cinematography too!

2. Okja

This Netflix original would’ve been a long shot to be part of the nominations list this year, but we think it deserves the recognition because it is one of the few movies that tackled animal rights and environmental issues in a creative way. We all felt for Mija, the main character, and her self-proclaimed pet, Okja, the way we feel for our own cats and/or dogs if we were put in the same situation. It doesn’t outright tell you not to be a carnivore, but it does give you a different perspective.

3. Good Time

The film is central on an anti-hero. Robert Pattinson, and is actually an exciting thriller. A lot of critics would actually say that the movie is NOT a good time, but it was very quite interesting. Good acting, striking action scenes and compelling shots. It’s like one of the classic American crime films with a modern touch.

4. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Another Netflix original, that is unique and relevant. It is dubbed as a comedy thriller and indeed it is. Melanie Lynskey, who played the lead, got robbed and is out for revenge but then was unlucky as she was face to face with dangerous criminals. With her anticlimactic humor mixed with the thrill of facing off with criminals made a very interesting film. On top of that, it had social commentary that pointed out that this is the world we live in now.

5. The Florida Project

The Florida Project is a heartwarming film that tackled that a bunch of the population are struggling financially but how that doesn’t stop them from finding adventure in their daily lives. The characters in this movie showed us how to celebrate each day, show empathy and live despite the struggle.

6. Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is another inspired by a true story film. It is about an Olympic-class skier turned into someone who ran an exclusive poker game for VIPs. In the end, she was a criminal but this film showed how a real girl boss she is by breaking barriers and tackling discrimination against women.

7. Stronger

This true-to-life movie is about Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. This movie is all about recovering, surviving and living again after tragedy. Inspiring to a lot of people, this tearjerker could’ve been nominated.

8. I, Tonya

The story of Tonya Harding is a popular one, and this movie shed some light on the truth of it all. The actors in this movie did a magnificent job in portraying their characters and the storytelling was on point. Although, Margot Robbie and Alison Janney were nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively, it’s sad that the film didn’t make the cut for Best Picture. The scenes on the rink were marvelous and this movie didn’t hold back in telling what needs to be told.

9. The Greatest Showman

The Academy Awards have nominated and even awarded a few musicals in the past year. Case in point: La La Land. It’s a surprise that this big hit didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was too commercial, but it was also too good to not be considered. Other than the fact that it had a good musical soundtrack and cast, the cinematography was really great too. Not to mention, it tackled the issue of discrimination and how we should celebrate all kinds of humans.

10. Wonder

The inspiring tale of August Pullman really tugged our heartstrings. In a world, where bullying is evident and discrimination against the unknown, this kid who had facial differences was welcomed and was treated the same as anyone else. A film that reminds us that maybe there is still good in the world. And a film that reminds us of that, deserves an Academy Award for us.

These films may not have been given a chance to be in the running for a Best Picture award but they definitely won in our hearts.