Clubbing is fun, but every now and then a harmless night out takes a turn for the worst. If you’ve ever had to deal with being in the same club as a frenemy, a trainwreck Tinder date, an ex or all three, you know how things can get awkward real quick. Here’s 10 cringe-worthy situations in the club you’ve probably had to endure at some point as told by out of context stock photos (because why not, right?).

1. When your bestie drags you to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Valkyrie but you end up becoming a third wheel.

2. When a creepy guy tries to get your attention so you use your phone to look busy while you call bes for help

3. When the squad sees someone y’all hate at Pool Club but you gotta act nice.

4. When you see your ex at Revel with your replacement.

5. When you’re nearing your alcoholic tolerance but your friends keep making you drink.

6. When someone’s grinding on you and you’re lowkey not feeling it.

7. When your girlfriends tell you to act natural when someone hot approaches but you’re hella feelin’ yourself that night.

8. When you don’t feel like going out but your friends force you anyway.

9. When you finally meet your Tinder date but he doesn’t look like his pictures.

10. When you’re drunk AF and can’t move during Thank Yeezus It’s Friday at Pool Club.

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