With several holidays on the way, your dining table will definitely be booked for lunches, dinners, and everything in between. While you cook up a storm for your guests, you need to remember one soirée essential that pretty much sets the mood for all meals: BOOZE, BABY.

I know DIY cocktail-mixing sounds a little scary, so let's start with a simple yet sensational mix, which you can easily change up the way you want it: The Vodka Spritz. It’s crisp, clean, healthy (well, healthier) and easy to make. Taking a page from the mixing masters of Belvedere Vodka, using only the freshest ingredients, we’ve come up with a list of recipes you can DIY, along with occasions you can match them with:

1. For cocktails with co-workers: The Cucumber Spritz

Your relationship with your colleagues is born out of late nights struggling to meet deadlines together and coffee-filled mornings trying to reboot your body systems. This simple but chic cocktail will give that much needed (and deserved) refreshing, cool burst from the tension.

2. For lunch with the fam: The Herbal Spritz

Impress the parental units (and your jealous sibs) with this effortlessly sophisticated cocktail. The combination of the aromatic rosemary and the sweet orange slices will have them scrabbling to buy these fresh ingredients to replicate your recipe.

3. For brunch with the barkada: The Citrus Spritz

To commemorate the zing that they bring to your life, serve the squad this fresh, zesty concoction. Take your brunch al fresco for maximum ‘gramming.

4. For dinner with bae: The Ginger Spritz

For romantic nights in with the bae, mix this little love potion. What happens when you add ginger (a guaranteed aphrodisiac, ahem) and vodka (a guaranteed inhibition-remover, AHEM)? Aren’t you dying to find out? *wink wink*

The Belvedere Spritz Collection provides a simple, fresh, and elegant experience, bringing us back to #RelearnNatural flavors. Good fun with the faves? I’ll toast to that!

Got more spritz recipes to quench holiday #thirsts? Hit us up in the comments below!

Produced by Kaye Pernia (@kayepernia)

Photography by Raven Maramot (@_russellraven)

Assisted by Dana Malang (@danamalang)

Design by Paula Gisala (@moleypolly)