Lazy Sundays with the bae are alright after a hectic week, but do you really want to waste a long weekend on the couch? Whether it's a roadtrip or a bus ride out of town, you want to get out and go on an adventure somewhere with your favorite travel buddy.

Here are some /ESCAPEs you can try out with your sun and stars if you’re tired of Netflix 'n chillin':

For the artsy fartsy couple

/ESCAPE to: Baguio City, Benguet


Perfect lunch with this kind of setting #hillstationbaguio #baguio #restaurant

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Baguio is definitely a milestone travel destination for couples. It’s the closest to optimum cuddle weather in the Philippines, true, but it’s also full of nooks to explore and cultures to learn from! Casa Vallejo along Upper Session Road has a stellar restaurant, Hill Station, a cute bookstore, Mt. Cloud, (even a Cinematheque that shows indie movies for free!) and is close to the city proper.

For the Insta-lovers

/ESCAPE to: Tagaytay City, Batangas

Tagaytay has it all: the breathtaking scenery, the romantic restaurants, the perfect in-between weather combo of sunny and breezy. You’ll easily fill up a day with strolling and having coffee al fresco. Reserve a table at the Lime and Basil for a lovely meal with an even lovelier view. (And fam, if you plan to extend, the Airbnb game in the area is very kind both to the wallet and the eyes.)

For the adrenaline junkies

/ESCAPE to: Mt. Pulag, Benguet


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Get on that all-time high with the love of your life at Luzon’s third highest peak, Mt. Pulag. For veteran climbers, Mt. Pulag is definitely on the list of must-climbs. For newbies, when better to have your first go at it with your partner (who literally has your back for this)? It’s pretty symbolic, the relationship-mountain metaphor (though hopefully there’s no downhill). Top it off with a nice cuddle camping under the stars at the summit.

For the beach bums

/ESCAPE to: San Juan, La Union


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Picture this: sun in your face, sand running through your toes, and bae’s hand linked loosely with yours as you chill by the shores. Like that? Then San Juan, La Union (a.k.a. one of the top surf destinations in the country) is for you. There are several resorts in the area, all with at least the basic beach essentials: surf boards, kayaks, and ofc over-flowing booze. San Juan is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations so you can be sure that the resorts are on-point for that sunset couple pic.

For the history buffs

/ESCAPE to: Vigan, Ilocos Sur


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The long drive is worth it, trust me. What’s more romantic than a stroll along one of the Eight Wonders of the World hand in hand with the Ninth Wonder of the World? (hehe) You can even book a room in a lovely restored heritage villa. (Take your pick, there are dozens!) While Calle Crisologo is definitely the most Instagram-worthy spot and has everything you need for buying pasalubong, do you really want to be ~that~ basic couple? Check out the towns nearby! Why buy that inabel blanket in the store when you can go to the weavers themselves?

Have any other bae-scapes in mind? Hit us up in the comments below!