As the old saying goes, “mothers know best,” and when it comes to skincare and makeup, it holds especially true. Or at least, in the case of Katrina Ponce-Enrile, we can say that her having learned a thing or two about the secrets of skincare and the intricacies of makeup at a young age, is an understatement.

Indeed, wisdom is rooted in experience. We got to sit down with Katrina for a quick chat after she and daughter Kris spoke in front of young girls at the /ESCAPE Presents: The Makeup Addicts Beauty Talk, celebrating International Women’s Month and discussing all things makeup as well as their beauty blog, The Makeup Addicts.

And of course we didn’t let the moment pass without getting first-hand advice from the mother who seemed to know all about the secrets to beauty. And lucky for you, she was more than willing to share her beauty lessons with Team /ESCAPE, and we’ve rounded them up for you!

1. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try different things!

At the age of five, Katrina was already hooked as she watched her own mother put on makeup, the ‘60s classic blue eyeshadow and pink cheeks, finished off with a bold red lip. She was lured in by the beauty and playfulness of it all and it wasn’t long before she snuck and tried the red lipstick herself. And as she would say, “it was love at first swipe.”

Even at an early age, Katrina was not afraid of trying new things. And as she grew older and fonder of makeup, she then found herself trying out different trends and experimenting with new makeup products and makeup styles across the years where she ultimately found what worked for her, what didn’t, what she liked and didn’t like. She encourages everyone to do the same because “makeup should be fun”—so don’t be afraid to try out new stuff.

2. It’s all about how you prep your face.

One of the most important advice for all makeup enthusiasts is that it is all in how you prep your face. Prepping your face with moisturizer, an SPF, and a primer is the key to nourish your skin, protect it from the sun, and make sure that you maximize your makeup's last.

3. Blend, blend, blend.

The second is to simply “blend, blend, blend.” Katrina could not emphasize this enough! While she encourages makeup neophytes and veterans alike to experiment with different colors and styles of applying on makeup. It is an art and a form of self expression of the individual after all, however, do not forget that the key is to blend all the colors well together.

4. Water is life

What’s the secret for eternal youth? Water. Not exactly the fountain of youth per se, but washing one’s face with Micellar water instead of soap that strips your face of natural oils. Plus drinking three liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and plump. It’s the preparation on the inside that matters, too, you know.

Bonus tip: Avoid sleeping with your face against the pillow (as it will cause the skin on your face to have lines).

5. The best thing you can wear is confidence and a smile.

The key to feeling beautiful throughout the years according to Katrina is simply being confident. And what is confidence without wearing the best thing you can put on your face—a smile!

Although makeup might give you that extra bump in your confidence levels, being comfortable and confident in your own skin, plus pairing it with a smile, will ultimately make you feel like you can take on anything and be anything!

Indeed, mothers know best, but with Katrina, she knows that with experience comes more knowledge that should be duly passed onto young girls to help them with their own journey in the fun world of makeup and discovering beauty, from the outside and in!

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