You’d probably say I’m overreaching when I say that the club can be very reminiscent of the college scene. But am I? Maybe a bit. Hear me out though, there are lessons that can be learnt both in the four walls of your classroom and the dancefloor of a club. Lessons covering the human anatomy, physical fitness, and chemical attraction, for example.

Although these tips won’t help you be on top, they’re damn right gonna help you survive.

Dress wisely

Ever heard of Freshman Fashion Week? It’s when unknowing freshmen go all out with their wardrobe for the first few days before realizing that keeping it casual and wearing jeans are totally more comfortable. Likewise, The Palace Pool Club is open-aired, and this is Manila. Wear more than one layere of thick materia and I can tell you that you’re going to sweat enough to fill the pool.

Get some spirit

You see, there’s a difference between being asked if you’ve got spirit at school versus if you’ve been asked in a club. Either way, you’re better off accepting their invitations for cheering on your basketball team, or drowning you in Cîroc. While you can totally get away with living the college life or the clubbing night without either of these things, it just makes the experience 10 times more fun.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes midterms and finals can stress you out so much that you forget to eat or drink. The same thing happens in a club, sometimes you just have so much fun replacing your blood with tequila, that you forget to actually hydrate. At risk of sounding like a nagging mother, drink plenty of water. It’ll also lessen your chances of waking up with killer headaches and dizziness.

Beware the hunting ground

Nobody’s exempt from the hunt. Your college courtyard is a hunting ground. Clubs are a hunting ground. It’s up to you whether you want to be the predator or the prey. I mean, okay, you could be a bystander, but you’ll still be a part of this thirsty environment. These hunting grounds are basically prime places to meet new boys or girls. But be ready to fight back and defend yourself because some of these animals can get ugly. Remember, the lions prey on the weak.

Go to the coolest parties

The stress and pressure of college can seriously bring you down, and sometimes people just need a break. Every now and then, waiting for the weekend just doesn’t do it anymore. Sometimes you just need a night out in the middle of the week. Find an /ESCAPE somewhere. Now here’s where worlds collide. Starting this Thursday, October 27, awaken your beastly partygoing self and pledge your allegiance to Alpha, at The Palace Pool Club!

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