Generation Y? More like generation Y is this my life, amirite? There are many young millennials out there lost on the topic of how to adult, you and me included. In our young age, the thought of preparing for tomorrow is a wise idea that’ll allow us to reap great benefits later on. None of us are going to be looking back 30 or 40 years from now and say ‘what if?’. We know what to invest on to keep us ballin’ in the future.

With time on our side, our young age actually proves to be a good thing as we can start our plans earlier. Here are five things that could get you started.

A money-saving coffee machine

While a steaming cup from Starbucks is a fun pick me up every now and then, laying off the ready-to-drink coffee will help you save a pretty penny. Consider this. A café latte costs PHP 130. If you buy one everyday for 365 days, you’re spending Php 47,450 a year! A couple thousand pesos for a coffee machine is nothing in comparison. Choose wisely.

Your fast fashion fix

Fast fashion is at its peak. Not only is it harming the environment, it’s also draining your wallet. I know it feels great to look good and constantly keep up with the trends, but you could save some serious cash if you pick up some staple pieces that’ll keep you fashion forward for years to come.

Life experiences you won’t regret

You often hear about how people spend their money on experiences instead of things. While I do enjoy myself the luxury of a shopping binge every now and then, travelling while you’re young and experiencing things is one sure way of living a better life. Imagine living in the future, rotting in your old age thinking ‘I should have done it while I could’. Live life with no regrets.

Insurance that’ll save your ass in an emergency

What if your home burns down and you’re left with nothing? Who will pay for the car repairs if you get into a car accident? And if you find yourself needing medical care, who will pay the bill? Cushioning the costs for these is your insurance provider. Paying a small premium is no match to being financially destroyed after an emergency.

A small startup that could lead to something huge

Once you’ve found something you’re passionate about, something you realize there’s a market for, and something you’re able to finance, you’ve got the basis for a startup. Think of it as the seed you’ve got to care for until it bears fruit, and if it dies you can learn from your mistakes. For starters, I suggest reading Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Consider it a ‘Startups for Dummies’.

BONUS: People who’ve got your back


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Perhaps one of the greatest investments out there, you should always have people in your corner. While yes the opportunities of great business ventures can arise thanks to the connections you’ve made, the true investment here is for your state of mind. Your friends and family will keep you loving life and stop you from feeling alone in this world.

I bet you thought you’d come in here reading about how investing in Jollibee will save your life in the future, and while it might, the true takeaway from all of this is that it’s much easier to prepare for your future than you thought. Whether your goal is to accumulate money over time, build relationships, or ensure your financial safety when something goes wrong, today is a good day to invest in something.