If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already binge-raced through the nine episodes of Stranger Things’ second season as soon as it came out on Netflix last Halloween. Following a 10-month jump from where the story left off, we’re reunited once again with our favorite monster-bashing kids as they take on bigger threats spawning from the bizarre Upside Down.

Along with the new season also introduced a bunch of promising new characters to the already stellar cast, with some of them already climbing our favorites list.

1. Max Mayfield

Spunky and confident to a fault, Max is quickly introduced into the season as one of the show’s frontrunners who eventually joins the beloved main group of friends. She’s a good kid at heart and it’s hard not to love her gusty nature when she finally stands up to her psychopath of a stepbrother with a nail bat.

2. Erica Sinclair

By far the sassiest of the newer characters, Lucas’ younger sister Erica is a scene-stealing icon, whose nonchalant attitude immediately got us hooked despite her little screen time. Her sharp sense of humor and fabulous personality is a welcome addition to the cast’s already bitchin’ roster of characters.

3. Bob Newby

While he may not have seemed like the most promising of characters early on in the season, Bob certainly proved himself to be a sweet and selfless family man worthy of being Joyce Byer’s new boyfriend, even if only for a fleeting moment. #JusticeForBob, perhaps?

4. Billy Hargrove

Max’s older stepbrother Billy is the show’s newest baddie and he’s definitely built a reputation for being far more sadistic and downright evil than the actual hellspawn monsters from another dimension. We can only wait and see what this mullet-wearing villain is plotting against our heroes in season three.

5. Kali Prasad

We first get a glimpse of Kali’s badass illusion powers as she flees from the cops in the season’s opening scene. While we didn’t get to see Kali shine this season, fans can expect to see Eleven’s psionic sister return next year, hopefully along with more psychic-wielding comrades.

Which new Stranger Things character is your fave? Let us know in the comments section below!