There’s more to the sun and the sand and summer break as to why summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year. What else makes summer the best? Only the fact that it’s… mango season!

Mango season is so exciting because the possibilities with this fruit are endless! How can a fruit be so exciting, you ask? Oh, honey, feast your eyes on the wonders of this delicious, magical fruit. (I love mangoes, okay?)

Here are some of the reasons why mango is definitely the fruit of the summer!

Mango shake all day, every day

Of course let’s start with the crowd favorite: mango shake! Definitely the best drink to beat the heat and bring to the beach! Add a banana or an avocado and mix it up!

We all crave for Mango Float every hot summer day

Nothing says mango season like Mango Float! Why? Because this refrigerator dessert is so easy to make, everyone knows how to do it. Plus, it’s so good, it’s worth all the calories. Check these recipes out by Foxy Folksy and Tastemade!

You can add alcohol to the Mango Shake and beat the heat with a Mango Freeze

In terms of beating the heat, why not spike up your Mango Shake by adding a bit (or a lot) of kick! Get this frozen fruity cocktail from /ESCAPE's DIY Cocktails Handbook plus other fruity (alcoholic) freezes perfect for the summer!

Cheaper green mangoes by the kilo for some unli-Mangga't Bagoong


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Do not even get me started. A year-long classic Pinoy street food favorite, but since mangoes will be in season, you can buy your mangoes for the kilos for a cheaper price! Level it up and turn it into Ensaladang Mangga! Perfect for all your grilled seafood by the beach!

Because you can wear it to the beach and look cute in it, too!

Who said mango was just for all things edible? Stand out from the crowd and bask in the color of sunshine and this summer with mango-colored bikinis! Local swimsuit brands are coming out with their own styles with this hot color.

How about giving you more reasons to get more excited for the summer, right? Have other ways of using mango this summer? Share it to everyone by leaving it in the comments section!