Khloé Kardashian, as you can see all over her sexy social media posts, is having the pregnancy of a lifetime. She’s absolutely glowing, and you know what? She isn’t the only one. Even our local superstars, such as our #SceneZoned beauty Sarah Lahbati or the ever-so-chic Liz Uy, had beautiful pregnancies, and even more beautiful babies. With Khloé’s own sister Kylie as the first MAJOR baby reveal this year, and after a string of summer babies were born (with Belle Daza’s baby being the cutest and latest), we found that we’ve all been afflicted with an illness.

We all have baby fever. Now the question is, will this fever dissipate? Or is it an affliction we’ll have to clean up after for the rest of our lives? These are the expectations vs the realities of having a baby. Do you think you’re ready?

Expectation: With help from your prince, everything’s sorted


Mommy and Daddy ? @sashasamsonova

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Reality: You have 20 pesos. How much is milk again?

At a young age, not everyone has life figured out. Sure, Khloé K’s absolutely set since she’s basically LA royalty, but what about normal people like #MillennialsOnABudget? I absolutely applaud young moms, (you go take care of dem babies!) but not everyone has the strength or financial capacities to make it work. Babies aren’t pets and you’ll need to sort your life out first.

Expectation: Sleep is for the weak


Waiting for the baby like.... ? @cocoonstudioph animated by @laureenmuy

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Reality: I’d like to sleep for a week

You were prepared when all of those what-to-expect-when-you’re-expecting books and movies told you how much sleep you wouldn’t get, but you didn’t imagine that it would be this bad. Your sleep is fragmented into awkward chunks of time and you never know when you’re going to find a solid eight hours of sleep again. They say sleep is for the weak but in this case, you’d definitely sleep for a week (which you can’t).

Expectation: The glow will make you look radiant


Those shoes

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Reality: I’m so tired and everything’s a mess

The glow of pregnancy and post-pregnancy is something that’s often talked about. Your skin clears, you look beautiful, and as a soon-to-be/new mother, you’re basking in its glory. What they didn’t tell you though, is that (while it’s somewhat true) it’s a LIE. Your skin will break out from the stress and insomnia and you’ll barely have time to take care of your once pretty little self.

Expectation: It’s a beautiful part of nature


Chard and I would like to thank my doctor, all the nurses, and attendants at the hospital who cared for Kai and I. I also have to give major props to my lactation consultant. Thanks to her help, Kai is breastfeeding like a champion from the onset. Giving birth is really no easy feat and having a great medical team helped it be a smooth experience. Iba talaga ang alagang Pilipino. ? We thank you all for the love and well wishes. I’m currently recovering at home and breastfeeding. These early days of being a family of four mean a few adjustments and sleepless nights with a newborn, but I would not trade anything for it. I look at my family and know in my contented heart that I could not wish for anything more. ?? click on the link in my bio!

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Reality: Your boobs will H U R T

Breastfeeding is glorious! I definitely stand with the people who encourage it as a natural act that shouldn’t be shamed in public. The downside? All of the gnawing and sucking on your boob will actually be really painful. Prepare your ice packs now because your OG babies are going to get bruised.

Expectation: Juggling school and social life with a baby will be manageable



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Reality: You can do it but DAMN that’s difficult

My mother was a 21 year old with a baby in one hand and a book in the other. It IS manageable, and I’ve met a lot of people in school who are doing the same thing. But it is HARD. You once struggled with the triangle where you can only choose two things between “social life, school, and sleep”. With a baby, it becomes a square.

Expectation: You will love your baby


Xavi ?

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Reality: You will LOVE your baby. A LOT.

They say that a mother’s love can be the strongest force on Earth. I agree. If you happen to be expecting or you think you’re really ready, then have a safe pregnancy and congratulations on this miracle! The reality here is that you’ll love your baby a lot more than you think you will. That’s glorious.

As a 20 year old guy who’s barely holding his life together, you might be wondering “Well what does he know?”. Well, as I said in some points above, I’ve heard stories. Pregnancies and raising children are very difficult jobs, things that you might not be up for YET. Do you guys still have baby fever? Tell us your dream baby names in the comments below! Congratulations to all of the new and upcoming mothers out there!