Becoming an adult is… hard.

That’s a hell of an understatement, obviously. The moment you walk out of the hallowed halls of your university, toga-clad with diploma in hand, it never really hits you just how different your life is going to be from here on out, until you’re already there. You won’t see your friends as often, there’s no curriculum to guide you, and you’re basically left having to figure out everything on your own. You are, for lack of a better term, all grown up now.

And most of us just aren’t prepared to be grown-ups yet.

And since we ~care~, let us help you not jump into the pool of life uninformed and ignorant. These are the five stages most of us are going to go through once we become... *gasp* adults.


Hell to the yes. No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. Time to get some rest, sleep late because we actually ~want~ to, and wake up with absolutely no regard for time or scheduling (provided we even wake up at all). You worked your ass off in college, you deserve a little ~you~ time. Bum life, here we come...

2. Realizing you can’t do this for long.

Most of us do look for jobs directly after graduation out of necessity, but there’s a subset of us who make the most out of the post-grad bum life. And it’s never pretty. Soon, you begin to get tired of doing nothing all day. You’ll run out of movies to binge or friends to hang with, and one day, you’ll scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds and see your friends getting jobs, achieving things, ~succeeding~...

3. Looking for a job.

The job market is competitive AF, and you’d be lucky to get even one foot in the employment door. You ~will~ be ignored and get rejected. Your resolve will wear down at times. But Mama don’t raise no quitters. You’re doing this for your family, and everyone who believes in you  You worked your ass off to get this degree, ain’t no way you’re giving up until you get employed. (Repeat until that acceptance letter comes).

4. The pressures of adult responsibilities.

Unfortunately, when we do get that next job, there will be more issues. You’re on your own, now, and that’s scary. You’re gonna need to work to support yourself and possibly your family. That’s a hell of a lot of pressure, and we begin to question our abilities, and our capacity to achieve our goals. Sometimes, we face bad bosses, toxic work environments, or giant workload. But this is just the first step, and it’s always hard on the first step. The more you get used to it, the easier it’ll be, and soon, you’ll ease into your new routine.

5. The rest of adulthood.

The rest of adulthood is a maze, one that doesn’t necessarily have a ‘right path’ for us to follow. It’s different for everybody, and it’s also terrifying. Even I haven’t experienced everything there is to experience. Some of us will fail, some of us will succeed, some of us will do just okay. It’s your iron will and resolve that will determine whether you can survive adulthood. And alcohol. Alcohol also helps a ~lot~.

Bottom line, you will feel lost. You will get very confused, and you’ll question many of your life decisions. Don’t let that get you down. Everyone goes through this. It’s okay. Everyone has their own way, their own path. Figure out yours, don’t feel pressured just because everyone else seems like they’re succeeding and you aren’t. It will come to you, in time, with a little patience, hard work, and determination.

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