Responsibility falls towards the friend who gets to drive everybody home after a night out. Everyone knows that in order to get the whole squad home safe, one person’s gonna have to take one for the team and stay sober all night. Has that ever been you? If so, then I’m betting that you’d understand how boring a night out can be when you’re stuck sipping on diet sodas and juice cocktails.

Here are the five times that you hated being the designated driver.

1. When your drunk friends force you to stop at every drive thru

It seems drunk people get much more selective when it comes to post-walwal food. A burger from McDonald’s? Check. Chicken Joy from Jollibee? Check. But should they try for a third drive thru? How about you just keep on driving. Their drunk asses will take what you give them.

2. When your drunk friends start roasting you

It’s funny to watch when you’re drunk with them. Hell, you might even laugh along to what they’re roasting you with. But when it comes to being sober and having all these psychos pull out your life’s embarrassing highlights from 2009 to the cute girl you’re trying to hit up, it kind of makes you want to leave them to find their own way home.

3. When you want to go home early but you’re a babysitter

The ultimate designated driver conundrum. It’s 3AM and you’re tired. All you want to do is go to bed already, maybe take a hot shower first to wash off the night’s grime. But no. You can’t go home yet because your drunk friends don’t want to leave yet, and as the tito babysitter, it’s your duty to keep them safe.

4. When someone else asks you if you’re the designated driver

Whether there’s enough room in your car or not, someone’s going to end up asking if they can hitch a ride. It’s all good if you’re heading to the same place, but when someone says “You’re going to  QC? I live in Alabang! It’s on the way,” then it’s time to just walk away.

5. When your drunk friends start puking everywhere

Whether they puke on themselves or in your car, it’s your duty as an amazing sober friend to help them clean up their mess and take their smelly dead selves home. Everyone needs to puke after a good night out, so be prepared. Pack some plastic bags and open your car windows ASAP.

Whether it’s because you wanted to have a couple of drinks too, didn’t care much for being responsible, or simply didn’t want your car smelling like a vomit wasteland, sometimes it’s best to be the passenger instead of the driver. Thankfully, we’ve got Grab on our side to help us have fun and get home safely. With their numerous offerings such as GrabCar, you’ll never need to take your car on a night out again! Just tap away, add some promo codes, and boom—you’re well on your way home without the hassle of having other people driving you home! Remember kids, don’t drink and drive, drink and grab!

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