Traveling alone sounds pretty scary (which makes it all the more exciting, not gonna lie) but that shouldn’t stop you from chasing your wanderlust-filled dreams. All you need is a well-packed bag, your trusty Ray-Ban suns, some careful preparation, and a whole lot of nerve.

Chasing dreams, of course, doesn’t mean charging into them with nothing but IG filters planned ahead. Here are a few travel hacks for your first time flying solo:

1. Get your Google game on.

First thing’s first: get a good map of the area you’re travelling to. Mark down places to go to for emergencies (hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, etc.) and list restaurants and destinations you want to check out, including directions getting there. Know the prices of essentials (food, transport, manicures, etc.) to get a guesstimate of how much moolah you’ll need to bring. Reading up on the culture and language helps too.

2. Pack practical.

Remember, you won’t have someone with you to watch your (literal) back; you’re baggage should be manageable for one person. Plan the clothes you’ll be wearing for the trip ahead, making sure you pack a good jacket (for both the rain and the cold), a bag for your laundry, and your three-in-one blanket-towel-fashion accessory aka your malong or sarong. Keep a small bag with you containing your passport, money (stick to small bills), your phone, your power bank, and your Ray-Ban suns!

3. Book a BnB or hostel.

For accommodations, I recommend getting a bedspace at a hostel or a private room on Airbnb, especially if you’re on a budget. These places cater to travellers so more often than not, your hosts will be available to help you with settling in and getting around. For most hostels, common areas have Wi-Fi connection, charging units for your gadgets, and maps. You’ll be rooming with other travellers who can help you out too.

4. Make friends with the locals.

Many first-time solo travellers are excited to show the world that they can do it on their own, but really, you’ll need other people. Step out of your comfort zone and ask for help with translations or directions, strike a conversation with your host, roomie or a newspaper vendor. Locals can give way better tips about moving around their turf than an anonymous faceless writer (hi).

5. Bring a piece of home.

All alone in an unfamiliar place, missing home won't be far from your mind. To keep you centered and rooted in yourself, bring a piece of home with you. Whether that’s a pocket book, a photograph, or your little brother’s LEGO Batman, it will point out your North, remind you that you have somewhere to go back to.

Of course, one does not leave the house without the ultimate travel companion: Ray Ban’s sturdy, stylish suns. You can check out their collections in any of their local stores and outlets nationwide.

Got your own hacks for other solo soul-searchers? Hit us up in the comments below!