With Noche Buena, Media Noche, and countless of inuman sessions and catch-up Christmas parties, you were bound to gain a few numbers on the scale. We know how hard it was, knowing there was bound to be lechon in AT LEAST two of those parties. No shame in that, you aren't alone. But admit it. Isn't it comforting to know that you're not only one dealing with the dread of having tighter pants after the holidays?

As you and your barkada probably put on the same weight as you were in the same parties, downing the same number of shots and beers, it's only fitting that you also sweat it out together. Get fit, active, and healthy with these activities that you can do that can make shedding off the weight less excruciating and to some degree, fun with the squad.

Ride and Row

Round up the girls and try these new fitness crazes! Sweat that extra helping of rice through exciting spinning classes at Ride Revolution and tone those arms and abs through new rowing class exercises at Saddle Row. Other than giving your limbs a hell of a workout (no, srsly, it's gonna be hell--but the good kind), it won't feel much different from the crazy nights out with the gals with awesome songs in a very cool and fun atmosphere.

Get bad-ass with Muay Thai and Boxing

Don’t shy away from this mixed martial arts. Punch and kick your way to getting that body you’ve always wanted. Other than getting that fun full-body workout, you get to learn some self-defense. Group classes are always a good idea especially if you guys are all doing it the first time all at once. Start early and become a bad-ass boss girls this 2018!

Go on a hiking adventure

If you're one to initiate an adventure, then this one's for you. Head on over to Masungi Georeserve with the barkada and get your breath taken away with all the amazing views (and the pagod from the hike of course). It's an Instagram haven, and a great way to become one with nature while conquering that stubborn fear of heights! Plus, it's a reason for the group to go out of town! #Paraparaan

Flying Trapeze


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Speaking of heights, here's another one for those thrill seeking groups out there. If you feel like you've conquered the world by climbing mountains, it's time to take it up a notch by learning how to fly! Sign up for classes with your friends at Flying Trapeze Philippines. Let's start the year with a on a brave and "game for anything" kind of spirit, shall we?


Let out some “ohm”s after those omnomnom’s. Here’s for those who want a more (seemingly) relaxed activity. Not convinced that these stretches and poses will help you lose weight? Crank up the heat and try Bikram Yoga with GuavaPass to burn more calories! And while you’re at it, maybe you can think about all the beer bottles you and your girlfriends had to create that beer belly. Yes, girl. Meditate on that.

Tea-toxify with some Tea-ta Tea time!

Feel super bloated after all that lechon? Spend quality time with the friends by giving yourself a break from all the fatty food while flushing out that sebo and other toxins with some Tea-toxifying Tea-ta Tea time! (I tried).

Know more fun fitness activities to do with the squad? Comment them below!