There’s a reason why celebrities love wearing shades—no other accessory makes you look as cool with little to no effort. Sure, you might just be nursing a hangover from your friend’s despedida last night, but nobody has to know.

As great as they are, picking out the perfect pair of frames can be tricky when you’ve got so many options, so here’s how you can pick out the pair that suit you best according to your face shape:

Round face


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Round faces tend to be wide especially around the cheekbones, so your best bet is to find rectangular or angular sunnies that would contrast the roundness of your face. Try on these timeless wayfarers from Ray-Ban for size. And whatever you do, avoid circular shapes.

Square Face


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Square faces are characterized by a strong jawline, which are best softened by sunnies that are more round like these from Linda Farrow. Remember: the wider your face, the wider the frames. The last thing you want is to exaggerate the boxiness, so make sure you avoid wearing something of a similar shape.

Oval Face


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The sky’s the limit for oval faces because pretty much anything will look good on you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles and who knows, you might just find your go-to pair. Think you can rock a pair of Dior sunnies like bad gal Riri? Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

Long Face


The long face shape is a mix between the oval and the square face shape, but longer and not as wide. Get ready to channel your inner Olsen twin by opting for more oversized frames to balance out your jawline like this pair from Stêphane + Christian.

Triangle Face


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A bit more uncommon than the other facial types, triangle faces have jawlines that appear prominent and often pointed. Although a bit trickier to style, people can opt for rimless sunnies in light colors like Sunnies Studios’ latest collection of colorful frames that are guaranteed to do wonders for your look.

Heart-shaped Face


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Heart-shaped faces often have high cheekbones and a small chin, but get frames too big for your face (we’re talking late 2000s Kim Kardashian oversized) and you’ll risk looking bug-eyed. Keep the proportions under control with a cool pair of classic aviators from SM Accessories.