It was the color of a generation- the pastel perfect hue of pink that screamed I am a millennial. It was subtle at first, not truly noticed by the general public, but when Pantone revealed rose quartz as 2016’s color of the year, needless to say it took over the planet. Two years later and we face another epidemic, a type of yellow fever that, thankfully, will not cause you any sort of nausea. In fact, we love it. Welcome to the world, Gen Z Yellow.

Contrasting the soft and subtle shade millennials had to offer, Gen Zers (say it with me, Zee-yers) opt for a bright (though not as bright as canary) and bold (though not as bold as lemon) shade to call their own. Now if you’re not into looking like a Bart Simpson or Spongebob, follow our tips below on how to wear this golden shade.

Always keep yourself polished


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For those who’ve broken out of the bad habit of biting your nails, you might already be familiar with the wonderful world of nail polish- it’s an art form itself, seeing as you can create countless patterns on your tiny nails. Whether you’re more of a gel press gal or you swear by regular polish, let’s choose something eye catching. Your hands and fingers help you make physical statements, just like this color is helping you make a fashionable one.

If afraid, start small and work your way up

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think accessories in general are too. Imagine a wide spread collection of necklaces, headbands, and most importantly, earrings, each showing off the attention grabbing yellow hue. Paired with darker colors such as a deep navy blue or jet black ensemble, allow yourself to revel in this stunning colored accent.

Bare your skin and be free for the summer


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Summer becomes you. As you go off and lay under the sun, your crisp golden tan will be beautifully complemented by the bright shade of Gen Z Yellow. Bask in the sun with your stylish bikini all tied up and sunnies ready to cover your eyes, and grab a mango margarita while you’re waiting for the sunset. Also known as the beautiful moment when the Earth can match your outfit.

Keep things contrasted and muted


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It’s subtle- blink and you’ll miss it. Thanks, in part, to her washed-out-cyan blue bralette over her yellow shirt. The question that remains however, is she wearing a bralette or is it  part of her shirt? @Nadine, please tell us. We need answers! In this instance, she wears it paired with a savage pair of camo trousers, the mix and matched clothing drawing our eye towards her. It’s worth noting, may I add, that Kiana Valenciano’s tropical top has tiny yellow accents that work well against a black and summery backdrop.

Top it off with unashamed tops



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When you’re feeling a little bit braver and the voice inside your head telling you that yellow is an obnoxious and unflattering color has died, get ready to get out in public and live out your instahoe lifestyle. A Gen Z Yellow top may be simple when plain, but that doesn’t take a toll on it’s stylish effectivity. You’re bright enough to be noticed as you walk, but not odd enough to be gawked at for an odd shade.

In life, go big or go home


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You’ve officially made your way from nail polish to the world of going all out. Living in excess is the lifestyle we all want, so let’s start in our own wardrobes. Create your head-to-toe look with a simple dress, or a two-piece outfit. Just make the shades match. Above, we see Kylie Verzosa absolutely killing it, with her ruffled and delicate dress setting a gorgeous example of what you could achieve when you wear Gen Z Yellow.

Whether you’re all in and covered H-to-T (that’s head-to-toe for those who don’t speak Tyra), or flashing small signs of it through your nails, it doesn’t look like the cure for this yellow fever is going to be found soon. How will you pull off the color of the season? Tell us your tips and suggestions in the comments section below!