It happens when you scroll down Instagram, looking through everyone’s perfect lives. It happens when you watch reality TV and find yourself hoping for a taste of their world. It happens when you’re lying in bed on the brink of falling asleep, thinking of your achievements, goals, and what could be. You watch other people and feel a tingle of jealousy as you realize they know what they’re doing with their lives. They know where they belong.

Sorry fam but it’s all a lie. Nobody truly belongs anywhere- nobody really knows what they’re doing. So instead of trying to find your place in the world, why not make like DJ Khaled and use these ~keys~ to life?

Live in the moment

Every day is an adventure. You work so hard and spend your days thinking about tomorrow that you forget just how amazing today is. I suggest you stop and smell the roses. Work as hard as you can today, that’s all you need to do.

Love everyone, always

Disregarding the existence of that one snakes bitch, loving everyone leaves you with a lighter soul. From your friends who you party with, your family you chill with, to the people you stress with at work, there’s enough of you to give around to everybody.

Don’t be afraid to take chances

You never know what’s going to happen or who you’re going to meet, and you shouldn’t be scared about it. Unless it’s grade A sketchy- in that case, run for the hills. Serious talk though, just YOLO it out and you’ll be satisfied in your old age. No more woulda coulda shoulda.

You are what you eat

A healthy diet may essentially be synonymous with a long life. I’m not telling you to cut pizza out from your meal plan entirely (maybe leave that to once a fortnight), but it might help that you try eating healthier food.

Laugh like you mean it

We’ve all watched Sex And The City. We’ve all seen Carrie forget her worries when Charlotte poops her pants. And it’s true, laughter is the best medicine. You know you’re truly ~living~ when you start ugly laughing to the point you’re about to pee.

Treat your body with respect

You’ll frequently hear about how it’s ‘20% exercise, 80% diet’, but you also know that those people are seriously pushing themselves past 110%. You need to do that too. Motivate yourself to join a gym or find some cool workouts with the squad. Hell at this point, even walking up and down the stairs might do you some good.

You live your life the best way you know how. Keep those hella neg vibes out of your system, and maybe one day without even noticing, you’ll find that you’ve finally made it. Your life is great and you’re happy. What a great concept. Even better than thinking you need to find your place in the two seconds we spend on Earth. /ESCAPE from the pressure of feeling in place and tell us how you’re living life in the comments below!