Every month, a girl’s gotta go through some excruciating pain which is menstruation *faints from pain*. During this, the PMS will be real AF and we will probably say and do some things we will later on regret.


Same, girl, same.

2. “Don’t look at me, chaka ako today!”

Period breakouts are the W O R S T.

3. “AaaaAAaaaaHhhh”

I heard that menstrual cramps are as painful as heart attacks… bye.

4. “I’m craving for chocolates, or maybe something salty? Or sour?”

The list never ends!

5. “Don’t talk to me! But also, hold my hand”

Mood swings are real.

6. “Stop! I’m going to cry!”

We don’t care what it is, nakakaiyak ok?

So really, to everyone we interact with while we’re on our period, we are not crazy. It’s not you, it’s the PMS. Any other things you say and do when you’re PMS-ing? Comment it down below!