They all say that Christmas is the season of giving, but being the Yoncé of your group, we all know that your gifts are the main event of the party. Because being the #kween that you are, you just gotta sprinkle some of that good life to the others. *wink*

Check out these cool unique treats that your Kelly and Michelle would love you more for:

1. Unlocking their barista skills

As you are nothing like a basic #Kween B, this will be a perfect gift you can give the besties to prove you’re the coolest and most thoughtful. Instead of treating them to that basic white-girl drink at the coffee shop, stir things up by helping your own girls become fabulous baristas that can whip you up a perfect cup of brew. I mean, who wouldn’t love a woman that can whip up a mean cup of coffee, right? You’re basically helping them with essential life skills, tbh.

Where: The Yardstick Coffee

Price: Workshops start at PHP 500

Contact The Yardstick coffee for a variety of classes at +632 845 0073 or at +63917 723 6079 and visit their website at

2. A day of pampering


Corner comfort ? Schedule a visit at 02 478 4057

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Being the most generous member of the group that you are, this should be a no biggie for you. Treat the girls to the ultimate girl-time bonding sesh by making them feel pampered like the #kween that you are (even for just a hot hour) They’ve worked hard all year, time to help them forget all the stress. A definite no brainer the girls would obviously love you for.

Where to do it: Manos Nail Lounge

How much it costs: Services start at PHP 380

For more information, contact Manos Nail Lounge at  +632 478 4057 and +63917 315 6627 or you can visit their website,

3. An adrenaline-filled afternoon

Who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of being able to fly? Make the squad’s holidays extra thrilling by getting high with trapeze classes! Being the fearless leader that you are, this little thing would be a piece of cake for you *wink*. Bonus: can you imagine that slow-mo video you get of them ugly-screaming on their first try? Priceless.

Where to get it: Flying Trapeze Philippines

How much it costs: Classes start at PHP 800

To know more about Flying Trapeze Philippines, contact them at + 63917 242 0331. You can also visit their website for ticket reservations.

4. Pole dancing classes

Time to embrace your inner Ho Ho Hoes with this unique experience! Treat the beshies by giving them this unique but challenging workout that’ll help make them feel as badass and sexy as you (which we know won’t ever happen. But y’know. They can try, at least?) Being the show-stopper that you are, show them a few jaw-dropping moves (to remind them you’re still queen) while you’re at it. LOL.

Where to get it: Polecats Manila

How much it costs: Classes start at PHP 600

Get in touch with them at +632 631 0818 or you can visit their website to check out classes near you.

5. An artsy merienda sesh

As millennials, it would be a crime not to have something pretty for the ‘gram. Treat the titas to a unique merienda experience, maybe even spark up a tiny competition (which you know you’d probably win, being the overachiever in the group), and sign up for a painting sesh with snacks and drinks. If you get lucky, they just might be offering some unli-wine promos!

Where to get it: Sip & Gogh

How much it costs: Sessions as low as PHP 900

For more information, contact Sip & Gogh at +63 2 27300 10 or at +63 998 564 1203 or visit their website at

6. A fancy vacation


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What better way to show them the good life by being generous enough to have your friends tag along with you! #TreatYoSelf as well as your own Kelly and Michelle to a weekend of comfort, luxury, and relaxation with I’M Hotel’s spa-cation package. Relax and pamper yourselves in their state of the art Onsen Spa facilities and with a complimentary massage. You’re basically giving them two days and three nights of what it feels like being you, so it’s a Christmas to remember, indeed.

Where to get it: I’M Hotel

How much it costs: Overnight stay starts at PHP 5,500; Massages start at PHP1,800

For more information, contact I’M Hotel at +632 7557 888 or shoot them a message at

Got any more unique treats for the holidays that are perfect for the gal pals? Comment them down below!