2017 is almost over! That’s right, this chaotic monstrosity of a year is about to end, and we can’t say it’s been easy, given all the upheaval we’ve been through. That being said, there are people out there who have continued to inspire and motivate us to be our best selves throughout the year, so what better way to cap it off than to round up a list of our faves who utterly killed it this year?

So here’s a few celebs who are pretty much the definition of #LifeGoals:

1. James Reid


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James Reid is many things. Actor. Heartthrob. Icon… the list goes on. But 2017 showed us that he can be so much more. He ventured into music with the surprisingly credible Palm Dreams, a stellar album that raised the bar for Pinoy pop, netted him an EMA win, and even led him to establish his own label, Careless Music Manila. It looks like James is in for the long haul. All the better to make our palm dreams come true.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian never misses a beat. Even though setbacks like the Paris incident have caused her to limit her public appearances (which only made us miss her more) she’s managed to rise above it all and provide countless examples of slayage in 2017—including burning Taylor by ignoring her diss track and having her new fragrance sell out in 6 days. She’s also fully embraced motherhood, announcing her third pregnancy via surrogacy. Most heartwarming of all, she’s offered legal assistance to the unjustly convicted former sex slave Cyntoia Brown.

3. Rihanna

It’s amazing just how much Rihanna has achieved in 2017, especially considering she hasn’t released an album this year. She became the first artist to achieve five no. 1 singles in a year on the Billboard Dance Club charts, released her Fenty Beauty makeup line, and pretty much ruled the summer by collaborating with DJ Khaled on Wild Thoughts. At this point, Rihanna doesn’t even need to make music to stay relevant.

4. Taylor Swift

Yeah, okay, I know we’ve all bagged on her before, but you’ve still gotta admire T-Swizzle’s perseverance nonetheless. Taylor Swift has managed to rebound from her massive humiliation last year, standing up for herself against a sexual harasser, scoring a no. 1 single almost immediately, dropping the best-selling album of the year (beating every single album just after a week of its release), and restoring her fame and prestige in a very calculated manner. The Year of the Snake might not be on us yet, but it’s def on its way.

5. Nico Bolzico

Once known solely as Mr. Solenn, Mr. Bolzico has managed to make a name for himself too. Not only does he run his own company (LM10, which is involved in processes and technology in agriculture), he’s become a highly sought-after endorser and social media star in his own right, appearing on multiple covers, including our SceneZoned July 2017 cover. (Yes, we were first!) He also finds ways to balance his commitment to the farmers and maintaining the superstar lifestyle, keeping us on our collective heels with his effortlessly charming viral videos and leaked moments. More power to this power-couple.

6. Bela Padilla


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2017 has been a very good year for our SceneZoned covergirl Bela Padilla. She’s starred in the critical and commercial smash 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, which won the Audience’s Choice Award at the recent Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Not only that, she’s also established herself as a prominent screenwriter, co-writing two successful movies this year, Last Night and Luck At First Sight (which she also starred in). At age 26, she seems set to conquer the entertainment industry, so we’re telling you now—expect more from her in the next few years.

7. Beyoncé


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No slay countdown would be complete without mentioning Her Royal Flawlessness, the one who arguably made ‘slay’ happen. In the past two years, she’s dropped the massive Lemonade, embarked on her mega-selling Formation World Tour, given birth to beautiful twins, and is this year’s highest paid female musician in the world. Most recently, she announced that she’s set to star as Nala in the upcoming remake of The Lion King. If there’s any artist who’s outgrown the need for hits, it’s definitely her. All hail, Queen Bey, and may your reign continue undisturbed.

Got any more celeb faves you feel delivered in 2017? Hit us up in the comments below!