Hungry after a full night of partying? We’ve all been there. And during the wee hours of the morning, the general consensus of the perfect cure to that is breakfast food.

So whether you’re recovering from dancing the night away or subduing your imminent hangover, maybe even just buying a few more minutes before heading back to the real world, we’re sure that the answer is breakfast food at its finest. No need to trip and stumble your way to the nearest fast food chain to get your helpings of comfort food. B.A.D.’s got you covered!

Here’s a list of the best dishes that will definitely satisfy that post-walwal hunger.

Bacon and Cheddar Waffle

Need we say more? Here’s a trio we definitely recommend to satiate your sweet-and-savory cravings. Waffle soft and fluffy with a crisp and toasty exterior served with butter you can slather all over and bourbon pancake syrup you can drizzle on or dip in to your heart’s content. It’s topped with slices of thick-cut smokey bacon (YAAS) reminiscent of holiday ham to compliment and balance the sweetness of the syrup, and finished off with a classic sunny side up, perfect for that yolk-porn ooze/boomerang.

Smoked Sisig

No craving or hangover can withstand B.A.D.’s take on this classic Filipino favorite. Creamy, crunchy, with just a bit of spiciness for that added kick. And as if this sisig cannot get any better, it was cooked in the smoker for that added savory flavor which kicks this classic dish up a notch, or ten, rather. Even the chicharon is smoked. Yes, the chicharon. Almost died and went to heaven. Not even complaining.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Here’s something a little bit lighter for those who are craving for a refreshing restart in the wee hours of the morning. The medley of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, cooked beans, and corn (for that Mexican touch) make for a refreshing and not-so-heavy meal. At the center of it all, chunks of chicken with their own blend of BBQ sauce for that sweet and tangy flavor. And for that added bite, it’s topped with a crunchy fried flour tortilla, all drizzled with their house-blended ranch dressing. If one thing’s for sure, this salad is far from being called boring!

Wagyu Patty Melt

So get this, it’s a Wagyu burger—let’s say that again for the people at the back—WAGYU burger in grilled cheese sandwich form (I can just hear the hallelujah chorus). With caramelized onions and gooey cheese that just oozes out with every crunchy bite, we’re sure your hunger will be beyond satisfied. And as if that decadent sandwich isn’t good on its own, it’s served with a generous side of tater tots. #Solid

B.A.D. Pork Belly

Smoked ribs, smoked brisket…why not smoked pork belly? One of B.A.D.’s specialties, this pork belly is flavored in a special spice rub, cooked in a smoker, and glazed with B.A.D.’s very own blend of a bourbon mustard barbeque sauce. It’s topped off with an apple chutney that helps balance the sweetness of the sauce with its tart flavor, and creamed spinach and corn on the side. This dish is best paired with a bowl of Chori Mac on the side (it’s so good, it’s not ~just~ a side dish). Simply the epitome of indulgence.

Tapa Steak

An all-day breakfast menu will not be complete without THE king of all ‘silogs, and B.A.D.’s take on this classic, favorite Filipino breakfast is definitely a contender. Soft and tender beef  that melts in your mouth and is packed with flavor. To top it all off, it’s served with a salted egg ensalada for a flavor extravaganza that will just make your mouth burst. And if I may be so bold to say… Best. Tapa. Ever.


Chicharong Bulaklak-silog. Let that sink in for a bit. And while we’re letting you process the most heavenly and sinful of all ‘silogs, we might as well add that it’s served with the staple malinamnam garlic rice and a tomato and onion chutney. The dish is served with vinegar but you’d be surprised to see that the tomatoes and onions were already cooked in vinegar and sugar, for that extra tang to balance out the richness of the bulaklak for your convenience. You’re welcome. We’re betting that your first bite will leave you saying, “SHET, BEH.” (Hi, it me.)

Make sure to check out the other breakfast and comfort food dishes on the menu, you wouldn’t want to miss those! Already tried B.A.D.? Which dish is your favorite so far? We’d like to know, comment them below!

Photography by Raven Maramot (@_russellraven)


For more details, check out on Instagram or B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar on Facebook. For inquiries, dial 0917-550-9999. B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar is located at 11th Ave, The Palace Complex, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City.