We should all be #WOKE about the environment! Are you with me?


We can all do our part to save Mother Earth. Just like traveller and blogger Kimi Juan (@kimijuan) who lives consciously with her #giveashit movement. It reminds us that it’s never too late to start and to always take care of our surroundings and our world.

Good thing there are a lot of eco-friendly products in the market that can help us in this cause! If you love to travel, these items are easy to pack so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

We run down the items you can easily purchase to start saving Mother Earth:

1. Water tumbler

We all need to hydrate throughout the day, right? Instead of buying water bottles from the local convenience store, use a tumbler and bring your own H2O! There are a lot of cute colored tumblers to choose from just like Kleen Kanteen (www.kleenkanteen.com). You’re not only reducing plastic waste but you’re also saving some cash while you’re at it! Bongga, diba?

2. Tote bags


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If you love to shop, I’m sure you have a lot of empty plastic bags from all those stores. Let’s cut that out and buy yourself an eco-friendly tote bag from Gypsy Stash (@gypsystash). It’s perfect to use when heading out to the grocery or even to the beach.

3. Steel straws


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Most of us find it easier to drink with a straw. And some of us don’t even notice that we use a ton of plastic straws from our coffee and cocktail fixes. Now, you can purchase a steel straw that comes with a cleaner so you can use it on the go! It even comes in a bigger size for your milk tea with pearls fix! Check out Sip PH (@sipsteelstraws) that also offers a set of wooden utensils complete with its own pouch, so you can just put it in your bag and you’re good to go!

4. Beeswax wraps


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Beeswax wraps can be used as an alternative for your Ziploc bags and cling wraps. It is reusable and washable so you can use it for storing leftovers or packing your baon for that roadtrip you have planned with your friends! Another easy way to reduce the use of plastic, right? Daniela Calumba (@danielacalumba) sells the environmentally-friendly alternative on her Instagram.

5. Reusable cotton pads


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Cotton pads are an essential for everyone’s skincare needs. If you’ve been using cotton wipes or cotton buds for your daily routine, make that switch and visit GreenPads (@greenpadsph) on Instagram. Invest in washable cotton pads, and no need to add to the trash! It also easy to pack for all the traveling you’re about to do.

6. Shampoo Bars


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How many shampoo bottles do you buy and dispose in a year? Think about it. You can easily eliminate this by making the switch to shampoo bars instead. Lush (@lushcosmeticsph) offers these shampoo bars and there are a lot to choose from! Its natural, smells good and gets the job done! It isn’t big too, so easy to pack in your vanity bags as well. Just a bar, no plastic wasted!  

7. Bamboo Toothbrushes


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We should really be mindful in all the things we use in our daily lives, just like toothbrushes! It even slips our mind that disposing worn out toothbrushes add to the plastic waste in this earth. So invest in bamboo toothbrushes just like the ones from Go Zero (@gozeroph) since its cheap and can help save Mother Earth!

If you start using your reusable containers and personal items, the earth will be forever grateful. It’s important to keep the places we visit clean and to make sure that we don’t leave any trash behind. What are you doing to help save the environment? Share it below!