Do you ever encounter having a conversation (in person or social media) where the person you’re talking to utters some foreign words, it makes you go, “bes, ano daw”? And in an attempt to save yourself from the situation, you try your best to respond using a different language and it just makes everything worse?

In celebration of Emmanuel Macron’s election as France’s new president—the youngest in the country’s history and in the world (bravo, France!)—we thought it was fitting to give you a mini French lesson for today; mainly 1) to help you sound smarter when talking to people at social events, 2) to impress your followers with your next Instagram caption and 3) for when you meet les français in the future!

Here are French words and phrases you can use to sound smarter:

1. Merci beaucoup

Because just merci isn’t enough if you want to impress. Merci beaucoup means “thank you very much”, and even though you’re not that grateful, just say it ‘cause it will really make you sound smart AF.

2. Ah, bon?

This is what you should say if you wanna make them feel you’re really interested in the conversation, when in fact you just ran out of words to say. You know how “I know, right” works almost all of the time? That’s how you’ll use this expression because it means “oh, really?”.

3. J’ai besoin d’un café

If you’re the kind of person that becomes a psycho or can’t function without coffee, this phrase is a fit for you. It simply means “I need a coffee”, but when you tell your friends this in a very annoyed manner, you’ll definitely sound like a natural. Like you’re cranky but still smart.

4. C’est la vie

Now this is one of the most used phrases for Instagram bios, next to Carpe Diem. Well, if you’re curious, it simply means “that’s life”. So if you kinda want to brag about something, simply raise those eyebrows and pout your lips as you say “c’est la vie, mon ami!” with confidence.

5. Omelette du fromage

You probably hear this quite a lot, but did you know that it basically just means “cheese omelette”? At a party or during a date, when a guy asks you what your favorite food is, just say “omelette du fromage” and BAMMM! You’re officially cool.

6. RSVP / respondez s’il vous plaît

If you’ve already been invited to a formal party before, you’d have heard this acronym by now. But who else here thought it was an acronym for an English phrase? Same. But don’t be intimidated because this French phrase just means “reply if you please” or “please respond”. So let’s try and be creative and text our friends “RSVP” whenever they ignore our texts. Because, why not?

7. Putain

It’s important to know a French curse word or two in case of an emergency. This word literally means “hoe” in our language, but is being used by French people as an expression the way we all do with the F word. But feel free to use it just because.

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