They say spring is the season where people break up with their partners and try out something new. Well lucky for us, the only option we have in Manila is the eternal summer season. What does that mean? Nobody’s getting dumped today. In fact, as the sun gets hotter, so does your partner, and the best way to let them know how much you think of them is through a date. A special one that you’ve thought through for a while.

Your goal is to impress them. You want to show off how ___ or ___ you are. Depending on what you want them to think of you, pick a date spot below and start planning that fun day with bae.

Pinto Art Museum: You’re cultured and artsy


Pinto Art Museum | March 13, 2018

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It’s a bit of a drive up to Antipolo, but the interesting mix of sculptures, paintings, and Santorini-esque art galleries is enough for you to use your high school art class experience to impress your special someone. It’s always a fun time trying to express what artists were thinking of, and the ability to do that can get some people wet. Take a break from walking through the stuffy galleries and have a drink and a slice of pizza in the aesthetic restaurant found within.

Made Nice Supper Club: You’ve got great taste in food

It’s a constant argument people have and it starts off with the question “where do you want to eat”. You see, it isn’t enough for you to say that it’s up to them, because they’ll throw the picking back to you. And if you choose wrong? RIP! By dining them up at Made Nice, you’re showing off great taste in food that they’ll definitely agree with. Octopus? Duck? Summer fresh guava? Count us in.

Binondo Photowalk: You’re a down-to-earth insta boyfriend

No shade intended but Binondo is a little sketch, but if you’re taking your s/o out there and overlooking that, then we applaud you for being down to Earth and appreciating the hub of Chinese-Filipino food. As with any other Chinatown in the world, the place is full of vibrant colors and interesting figures, making it a perfect time for you to whip your phone (the iPhone cameras are basically DSLRs now, let’s be honest) out and be a good Instagram-boyfriend.

Track 30th: You’re fit and sexy

No need to travel far for this one. Work on your stamina before ~working on your stamina~! It’s time for you to grab your trainers and go for a run at Track 30th, the prime outdoor running spot in BGC, for a simple date night that has you looking fit and sexy while simultaneously working your summer body. As a totally unfit but still sexy treat afterwards, why not make your way to St. Louis for some ice cream to escape the heat?

% Arabica: You’re cute and chill

Sometimes the dating mood is to just stay lowkey i.e. keep it cute and simple. Have a sip of coffee at % Arabica for a quick and quiet catch up on what you guys missed (from the last four hours you haven’t seen each other at least). Instead of letting your bodies travel this summer, have your taste buds explore the world with coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, and so many other places.

Versus Barcade: You’re fun and outgoing


Game night every night only at #VersusBarcade #BarcadePh

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When the sun sets and the summer night breezes by, then it’s game on! Bring your mischievously fun side out by turning date night into game night. Let your fun and outgoing self shine as you take bae to Versus, sip up those cocktails and go head to heads on some old school arcade games. Enjoy the nostalgia on a fun night out with pinball, Pokemon shots, and a classic brawl on Street Fighter.

Mecha Uma: You’re ballin’ and classy

For boys and girls that are simply ballin’, why not splurge a little over some delicious food that’ll have bae thinking of you as tasty AF. Just because it isn’t Christmas anymore doesn’t mean you can’t be feasting, right? Enhance your date’s palette with this modernized, experimental, and delicious Japanese food from Mecha Uma. With this, you’ve just won the dating game.

Whether you’re cultured and artsy or balling and classy, the perfect date night for you and bae is definitely out there. Don’t forget, there’s always the good old #NetflixAndChill! What summer date idea would impress your bae? Let us know in the comments below!