One of the most essential places when going on a wild night out is a destination where you can pre-game and eat your heart out post-walwal. Well, The Palace heard you and your wish has been granted. Ladies and gents, we present to you, B.A.D.! Hip and cool, this is a Breakfast After Dark bar (see what they did there?) serving you the best breakfast and comfort food you’d definitely want to try and frequent during your wild night outs.

Here are just some (of the multitude of) reasons why you should drop by as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

The ambience

Just an FYI, this ain’t your normal breakfast resto. Think of it more like a sophisticated and highly-elevated diner. Decked with neon lights, cool wall art deco, steel and wooden accents, and plush leather couches, each corner is definitely an Instagram haven. Not to mention hip beats that would surely get your rhythm going.

Hella accessible

No need to wait for the weekend because B.A.D. is open from 6pm 'til 3am on weekdays. For your after-party needs, it’s open until 6am on weekends. So whether it’s having dinner and drinks on a weekday, pre-gaming for a night of serious drinking, or satisfying your after-party munchies, or even if you’re just simply looking for a chillnuman kind of night, B.A.D. has you covered. The best thing about it? It’s right smack in the middle of The Palace for your convenience.

The (cheap) booze

Pre-game with their PHP 80 beers (yup, you read that right, 80 bucks) or maybe even their cheap tequilas and Jäger by the bottle at PHP 1500 ONLY. Get ready to get turnt without straining the wallet. And as if things couldn’t get any better, let’s go to the main reason why B.A.D. should be your next go-to no matter what the occasion...

The food

From salads to sandwiches, your classic waffles and toast, to steak and the most interesting of ‘silogs, we’re sure you’d find something to satisfy whatever you’re craving for with this inclusive and eccentric menu. You’d most probably even put in a few more visits just to try the whole menu because it’s just so. damn. good.

Resident badass chef Mikko Reyes, person to thank for all these wondrous indulgent eats, gives us his top three recommendations for B.A.D.’s must try’s.

Smoked Sisig

How about turning your classic favorite Filipino comfort food into something more flavorful and exciting? What makes this sisig stand out from the rest is the process of smoking the meat which packs a ton of flavor. Yes, they smoke the chicharon, too. What a way of making this dish more indulgent, right?

Tapa Steak

No breakfast menu is complete without the king of all ‘silogs. Their take on THE ultimate breakfast comfort food will surely blow your mind. Having tender USDA meat that simply melts in your mouth. It’s served on a bed of tasty garlic fried rice and salted egg ensalada that is to die for. Best. Tapa. Ever.

B.A.D. Pork Belly

Now this B.A.D. baby is ‘From The Smoker’ section of the menu, so you’re sure it’s gon’ be good. Make way for this masterpiece because it’s definitely going to get your tummy a’rumblin. Made with their special spice rub and mustard bourbon BBQ sauce slathered all over, plus an apple chutney for that tart finish, this will surely make your mouth water.

/ESCAPE insider tip: get the Chillaxsilog as well. Just do it!

If those didn’t make you want to get off of your seat and just want to fly to B.A.D. in a heartbeat, I don’t know what will. Just go see, taste, and experience it all for yourself. You’re welcome!

Photography by Raven Maramot (@_russellraven)


For more details, check out on Instagram or B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar on Facebook. For inquiries, dial 0917-550-9999. B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar is located at 11th Ave, The Palace Complex, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City.