There are a million different reasons why we love Koreans and their culture, but along with it is the fact that their influencemay it be in fashion or music—is unquestionably strong. Just look at how much attention BTS is getting from international artists and how artists like G-Dragon gets compliments from Vogue for his style.

So for those of you who don’t get why everyone’s into Korean stuff lately, we’ve listed down some answers for you to put you out of your misery:

1. K-Dramas

I mean, who doesn’t watch Korean dramas nowadays? Aside from their swoon-worthy male leads and adorable personalities of their female counterparts, the different story concepts and plot twists are what set them apart. Also, take it from usonce you start watching one, it leads to another, and there’s no way out! If you don’t believe us, try to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo or Fight For My Way and tell us we’re wrong!

2. K-Pop

This one too is not debatable in any way. Remember when PSY’s Oppa Gangnam Style got the whole American music industry and the world #shookt? Years later we would have G-Dragon touring solo in Europe and BTS collaborating with international artists like The Chainsmokers and stealing the scene at the BMMAs. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely a huge leap!

3. Legit Gangnam style



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Oversized shirts, turtlenecks, puffy bomber jackets a.k.a. Korean-style starter pack. If you’ve never at least attempted to copy their style, you’re missing out big time.

4. Kimchi madness

If you’re not really into anything that I’ve mentioned above, this one is probably the only thing that you wouldn’t be able to resist (just think about all the Kimchi, Korean BBQ and Bibimabap you’re missing out on), especially when almost every corner of Manila is crawling with new Korean-themed restos.

5. Daebak AF expressions

You know you’ve watched too many Korean dramas when you start learning their language or at least start using their cute expressions accurately. If you say “fighting” whenever you want to cheer someone up, then you get the point.

6. #SkincareIsLyf

Even Americans can’t deny the fact that the 10-step Korean skincare is the most effective way to stay flawless and glowing. With South Korea’s wide range of skincare products to choose from, no one can ever say that this is not a blessing to the entire human race. LOL.

7. Hallyu royalties


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And of course, the main reason why we think Koreans are ready to take over the future: Hallyu literally means Korean wave, but when you say Hallyu king or queen, it means that the person being referred to is a super famous Korean artist—like Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, and Park Bo Gum. There’s no doubt that these actors and actresses have evolved over the years in terms of versatility and such. There’s just one thing I’d like to point out though, has anyone ever wondered if these humans are even real? Like how is it possible to look this beautiful or handsome? LOL.

Now that we’ve made clear how much we love Koreans and their culture, it’s time to reveal what Valkyrie Nightclub has in store for us this October 7, 2017! To give us Korean jams and vibes all-night long, Natural High Records’ Danu, DJ Glory and TPA are coming to Manila along with someone super special, in the name of Seungri. Yes, you read that right—Seungri, as in the youngest member of the Korean boyband royalty BIGBANG!

With fire beats from their own EDM tracks to American pop songs with their personal touch, they can pretty much get the whole crowd of Valkyrie Nightclub on a natural high in just a snap. So here’s my tip: get your hands on those passes right now before they sell out and you lose your chance of watching these cool dudes perform live.

For inquiries, table reservations, and concert passes, visit or call +63917 680 8888. Follow @valkyrie_club on Instagram and  Valkyrie at The Palace on Facebook for daily updates.