We all have that one yogi friend who keeps trying to get us into taking a yoga class with them. The one who swears by it and claims to have worked miracles in their life. Maybe you've even travelled with them and wondered why (or how) they do it even while they're on vacation.

Okay, fine, they may be exaggerating a tad bit but they're right about one thing, yoga definitely works wonders to yourself and your body if you give it a try. Especially since summer's already here, it would be the perfect time to start!

Not convinced? Well we've made a list to persuade you otherwise! Check out 7 reasons why you should give yoga a try and get into it!

It's good for the heart

It may not be a quick fix to mend your broken heart but at least the exercise with synchronized breathing activity will help improve circulation and reduce the risks of a heart attack. *shrugs* All kidding aside, it definitely helps reduce stress!

You get physically stronger

Anyone who's ever done yoga can attest that it's hella physically challenging. Don't let the zen and slender figures fool you. Imagine, carrying all your weight, relying on your core, balance, and your arms to carry out all those poses. *Phew* all while trying to do synchronized breathing.

You get leaner

And yes, that does mean that you can lose weight. But other than that, you get to develop muscles that are strong and lean. And since there's a lot of core workouts, you might even get abs.

For developing focus and conscious presence

Meditation goes hand in hand with yoga. The practice of zeroing in and focusing on your breath and movements makes your mind practice on blocking everything else to focus, as well as putting your mind to a more aware state. And no, you don't need to say "ohm" while you’re at it.

For increased flexibility

I'm just sayin you can finally reach your toes with ease! Well you can use this development in more ways than one… *wink*

For the 'gram

Definitely just a supplementary benefit and maybe you're even annoyed when seeing similar posts. But trust me, once you're able to nail that headstand, it would be hard not to resist that silhouette shot with the sun setting on the beach as a backdrop.

You can do it even while traveling

One of the great things about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, any time. Yes, even inside a plane in the middle of a 14-hour flight (not even kidding). With the multitude of yoga applications or YouTube videos you can download on your phone, it's definitely accessible and easy to do. All you just need to do is...do it!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for that yoga class! Go try it via a YouTube video! Just go! Comment on down below how you’re starting your yoga journey!