It’s that time of the year again when we bid adieu to our chill beach life and say hello to our most dreaded hallowed halls of school. And while some of us are still making the most out of the few days left of vacation, here’s a list of things that you might want to throw inside your backpack before you try to conquer yet another series of stressful events.

1. Daily planner


A successful man once said that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. And who doesn’t want more free time, right? Whether it’s a phone app or a legit planner, you should always have something to keep your weekly schedule and responsibilities in order because ain’t nobody got time for mishaps here.

2. External Hard Drive/Flash Drive

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As a student, you will always hear the phrase “for future reference”, and you won’t have a choice but to save everything or else you might miss out on something. External drives always come in handy when it comes to storing all of your stuff while saving some of your laptop’s memory space.

3. Samsung Tablet


If you’re the type of person who likes to cram requirements or review for an exam at the last minute then this a tablet will really make your life easier. Laptops are just too heavy to carry around and it sometimes make you look extra AF.

4. Water tumbler


@jinri_88 enjoys 25oz of hydration with CORKCICLE Canteen. #DrinkAllDay #CORKCICLEPH

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School never fails to make us all miserable. During hectic days, we can’t even keep track of our meals and we all know that skipping meals only makes the situation a lot worse. So it’s good to always carry around a water bottle and stay hydrated to cover up the damage.

5. Benefit Ka-Brow and Benetint

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You might be stressed but the world doesn’t need to know. When you have very limited time to prepare for school but still wanna look your best, an on-fleek eyebrow and rose-tinted lip and cheek will save your day. Forget full-coverage foundation and bold lippies because a pale and kilayless face just won’t work, girl.

6. Power bank


Who else here wishes that your phone has unlimited battery life? I feel you. Although that’s not yet possible, we are still #blessedt for the existence of power banks. So always bring one with you and save yourself from the danger of death by boredom or sometimes even for the sake of important stuff.

7. All-in-one bag

Bag from SM Accessories

Need a bag that could basically carry your whole life? We just found one for you! If you need so much stuff for school, you can’t buy a small bag and sacrifice later. Instead, look for something that is convenient to use but still goes with the OOTD.

Think you might actually need some of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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