From Zayn Malik to our SceneZoned boys (David Licauco, Macauly Löfgren And Rhys Miguel FYI), these days it seems we have a new crush every other week. When you think about it though, isn’t Ansel Elgort, star of Baby Driver and The Fault In Our Stars, just the total package? One look and his cheerful face has got you smiling, even when you’re simply stalking his Instagram. Never mind him being a man crush Monday, he’s our man crush every day.

As Ansel turns 24, the prime age to snatch a boy up, let’s have a look at what exactly makes him boyfriend material.

He’s got the face AND voice of an angel

This. Boy. Can. Sing. In fact, he can’t “just” sing, he f*cking SINGS! His deep voice is melodic and dreamy, enough to keep us drooling over his musical posts on Instagram and his few music releases. Did you know he collaborated with Logic in Killing Spree? Have a listen to his latest single, Supernova and try to tell us he sucks. I dare you.

His friendship with Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet is CUTE

Who knew Ansel and our dapper Oscar nominated bae, Timothée Chalamet, had gone to the same high school? At the Golden Globes, they were both asked about their experience and disagreed on who was less popular. Modest much? They also shared a snap together, along with #CMBYN’s Armie Hammer, during the 90th Academy Awards.

He’s a pretty loving guy

From what the world can see on social media and red carpet events, Ansel is totally OBSESSED with his ballerina girlfriend, Violetta. Always gushing about how pretty she is or how lucky he is to have her, his loyal spirit is a look most of us probably hasn’t seen in a long while.

He’s a massive fan of K-Pop


V and V

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Constantly seen on several of his posts is the Korean boy band BTS. With all the love he has for them, we’re officially counting him as part of the #BTSArmy, just like our very own Tita Kris! What do you think his favorite song is?

His off-screen persona is just as cute as his on-screen one

With that sweet face, this boy’s got us aweing for his on-screen presence. Take for instance his role in The Fault In Our Stars where he played Augustus Waters. How charming was that guy? Partnered with Shailened Woodley in a film that broke our hearts, of course we all died when they had a little reunion. Oh, memories.

He’s sporty AF and we’re thirsty about it


Euro steps ? ? ? (? @Carmelovarela )

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Active guys who show off their love for the game are just so… ~hot~! No matter how many times Ansel watches a basketball game and fanboys about it or how many slow-mo videos he shares of him dunking a ball, every time we see it, we get a little excited.

He’s our jet-setting summer inspo


BACK IN PARIS BABY!!! (driver) • #BABYDRIVER ?- @sophieelgort

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Talk about jet setting. It pays a lot to be an actor. Talk about movie promoting perks. I know it must be hard work, but travelling the globe and seeing the sights are pretty damn nice. Doesn’t it make you want to travel too? Don’t forget to find someone to be your Instagram photographer, like Ansel does with his sister.

He’d make a cute AF daddy


Already a proud uncle ????

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We know he’s just an uncle, but after posting a photo of him holding a baby, we can’t stop imagining the idea of Daddy Ansel. Sorry Violetta, but if you don’t want a baby, we’d gladly step in to take your place. Can you picture him running around with a bunch of toddlers and being the best father? I can.

After reading this, don’t you just want to go and give him a proper stalk? I know I do. Tell us why you love this sweet looking boy in the comments below and we’ll be happy to gush about him with you. Happy Birthday Ansel Elgort!