It’s only been a little over a week since Stranger Things Season 2 dropped on Netflix and everyone is raving about it on the Internet, but most especially on their spunky supernatural, Millie Bobby Brown.

Other than the serious skills she showed in the latest season, it seems like people have more than one reason to fall in love with and watch out for this superstar on the rise. But since we love you as much as we love MBB, we’re giving you 8 reasons why Millie Bobby Brown is a superstar in the making.

1. She can rap like crazy.


Some people can sing, some people can dance, but not all can rap. And this feisty thang was able to spit out a Stranger Things Season 1 recap with some sick beats. Talk about all-out showmanship!

2. She’s a fashionista style icon in her own right.

This youngster is speedily becoming the next big style icon. She’s often seen sporting Gucci, Burberry, Armani, Valentinobold and colorful pieces here and there that simply show the different sides of her spunky, sophisticated, fun self. Applause for her A-list stylists! Bigyan ng award, please.

3. She’s a proud Kardashian geek!

Did you see how adorable she was when she enthusiastically taught Jimmy Fallon words from the Kardashian vocab? And how excited she got when they started reciprocating the love? (Because, really. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable little bundle of joy.) #okuuurrrt #bible

4. People want to be like her.

Yes, she’s become a role model to kids her age (and kids at heart). People are continuously amazed by her impeccable talent, and envious of her latest fashion statement pieces. But we actually mean people literally want to ~be~ her. Have you seen how many people dressed up as Eleven (complete with the pink, scallop-collared dress, denim jacket, and a box of Eggos) for Halloween??

5. She can model too.

Talk about a triple, nay, quadruple threat! Mad acting skills, spot-on style, bad-ass rapping skills, and now modeling? Word is she got signed by modeling agency giant, IMG Models. Damn, what can’t this little lady do?!

6. She’s in every magazine… or rather, everywhere.

Whether it’s just a simple feature or a cover of a magazine, your news feed or in the latest headline, this world or The Upsidedown, you can’t deny that this girl is simply everywhere. We’re pretty sure she has a long line of people who want to feature her and have her endorse their brand or product. Converse, Calvin Klein...the list goes on. You go, honey.

7. Her out-of-this-world acting skills are no question.

Of course we, and practically everyone else, won’t be talking about her if she didn’t have superb acting skills to begin with. It’s still surprising the amount of talent this girl has at the age of 13. (13!!!) In fact, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer admittedly are amazed at the range of skill this young girl is able to bring forward. Even when pushed to intense emotional places, her talent seems to prove limitless.

8. She’s about to take on the big screen.

If magazines and social media feeds aren’t enough, she’s also coming to the big screen. News is out that this Netflix queen is recently cast to be featured in Godzilla, which will be out by 2019. It won't be long before she lands her own movies. (And did you see how much her upfront talent fee is??? Guuuuurl. Talk about knowing your worth!)

At the humble age of 13, she’s gaining a steady fast-paced momentum to ultimate stardom. We can’t wait to see more of what this one has to offer. This Eleven is a definite 10 in our books!

Got more reasons to love our supernatural sweetheart? List ‘em down in the comments section!