It’s almost summer which means it’s time for a beach trip with the barkada!

If you’ve been going on beach trips with your barkada for years now, we’re pretty sure you know each other well and know how each one will act during a trip. Which one are you?

1. The Ultimate Tita/Tito

That one friend who has everything figured out. He or she planned a whole itinerary, and has back up ones just in case! He or she is also the go-to if anyone needs anything, such as wipes, powerbanks, snacks and anything you could think of! Oh, diba? Prepared!

2. The Instahoe

That one friend who has a separate bag for all their cameras. An SLR to take good sunset photos, a GoPro to document their first surfing lesson,  a selfie stick for bomb-ass thirst traps, and of course their handy phone for anything and everything that MUST be on their Insta-stories.

3. The Bratty B*tch

That friend who doesn’t like to be under the sun, or get sand on her legs, or to wait in line for anything. You’ll probably think, “bat ka pa sumama?” But it’s all good, he or she is probably fun after a drink or two!

4. The Tinder-obsessed

Partying in Flotsam and Jetsam at La Union or chilling at the shores of El Nido won’t stop this friend from scouting the area for hotties. If there is no one in sight, you’ll probably find this friend on their phone tindering the night away. #Landi

5. The Foodie

Each destination has a list of places you must eat in. This friend wants to try ALL, doesn’t matter if you only have a day or two - they’ll make time. This is probably the same friend who will go home broke because they spent all their cash on food. #NoRegrets

6. The Makalat

When calling dibs on roommates, this is that one friend you don’t want to be with. He or she enters the room without washing sand off their feet, or worse - LIES DOWN ON THE BED! Gross. But this could also be the friend who is kalat at the beach party, you don’t want to be the one to take care of them and deal with their puke.

7. The YAAAS kween (or king)

That friend that went on a trip just game for anything. Wanna get food? YAS! Snorkeling in Coron? YAAAS! Let’s get drunk in Bora? YAAAAAAAAS. You could probably have any plan and this friend would be game to go along with it. This may or may not be dangerous but at least they’re fun, I guess.

8. The Laging Nawawala

Whether you’re in Batangas or Baler, this friend will probably find something to do. So he or she will suddenly disappear in random times of the day but really, at this point, you don’t even question where he or she is. Unless gone for more than 8 hours - then maybe we’ll all be concerned?

Did you identify anyone from your barkada per category? Go ahead and share this with them! If we’ve missed something, feel free to comment it below!