I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grooows. If you sang along to that, then you actually love Love Actually. And if that’s the case, you know it’s almost time to slip on the sweatpants and sweaters and cozy up in front of the TV for your Pasko movie playlist.

Grab your popcorn, hot cocoa, and cuddle buddy cause we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite films to keep you warm for the holidays:

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Still hungover from Halloween but also prepping for some Christmas cheer? Same, TBH. This beloved Tim Burton film is creepy and cute (as most Burton films are) with just enough Christmas in it to get you hyped for the holidays.

Legend of The Guardians

Not gonna lie, some of us are still low-key crushing on Jack Frost. (I mean, he’s voiced by Chris Pine which is totally unfair). Aside from the all-star cast voicing the Guardians, this movie brings back some of the child-like wonder we lose as we get older.

Home Alone

Who can ever forget the iconic kid Macaulay Culkin poster? We all low-key wanted a chance to booby trap our houses in the same cool way as Kevin McCallister. It’s a Christmas classic that all generations can appreciate.

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music isn’t exactly Christmas-themed, but somehow this family musical finds its way into the holidays playlist. Maybe it’s the image of the Von Trapp family running through hills alive with the sound of music that just hits the spot.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

We all have that one Grinchy friend in the squad or family who just isn’t into the season of giving. This Jim Carrie classic is funny, heart-warming, and more than a little relatable for some. If the cheesy Christmas traditions just ain’t your thing, this film is a nice reminder that it’s not just about the lights and gifts.

The Harry Potter Series

Aside from hitting the nostalgia nerve hard, it’s also nice to revisit this world of magic and adventure, and there’s no better time for this than the Christmas season. Nothing spells cozy quite like Harry and the gang romping around Hogwarts.

Love Actually

So much yes for this movie. It’s kilig-inducing, feels-inducing, and has an amazing star-cast. What we love most about this movie is that, while it follows different stories from different people, you can see how they all tie in together to form one big story of love about our favorite season.

New Year’s Eve

Ultimately inspired by Love Actually in form, New Year’s Eve is about new beginnings and the importance of taking a leap of faith. A must-watch toward the latter end of the month.

High School Musical

Okay, if you’ve never dreamed of a New Year countdown à la Troy-Gabriela (complete with karaoke-ing with an attractive stranger and somehow knowing all the lyrics to the song enough to dance to it), then you’re lying.

Which movies do you watch for the holiday season? Hit us up in the comments below!