We’re just days away from Manila’s biggest summer kickoff party but before anything else, we think it’s only fair we brief you on the creatures of the night prowling around /ESCAPE’s electric forest. We already gave you deets, told you what to wear so now here’s the nine kinds of people you’ll definitely spot at our anniversary bash this Friday.

The Influencer

Whether it’s for outfit inspo, travel inspo, feed inspo or whatever other unrealistic metric you use to measure how you should be living your life, there’s a strange satisfaction that comes with vicariously living through an influencerespecially if they’re hot. Selected by /ESCAPE, you’ll most likely find these beautiful people at their tables, chatting and dancing and taking over our IG stories.

The Instahoe

The person that instantly connects to the free Globe Wi-Fi at The Palace because she either 1) can’t afford a data plan 2) used up all of hers. The snapwhore will go to great lengths to make sure every interesting part of the night is well-documented on Snapchat or IG Stories for the squad to watch the morning after. Spot these phone-obsessed clubbers snapping a friend’s drunk rampage near the pool.

The Savage

Also literally all the classy but sassy members of the /ESCAPE team, savages are bound together by their communal dislike of everything basic, lame or Taylor Swift-related. Dressed to the nines, savages are usually found in groups to scope out outfits to judge from afar (a.k.a. people who don’t follow the Electric Forest theme lol). Always down for whatever, they’re fun to be around just as long as you stay on their good side.

The Fashionista

The girl who planned her outfit months before we even announced the party. Every piece of her outfit is so well-thought out, you could’ve sworn she was part of the SM Accessories fashion show. She’ll nurse a few drinks, but we all know she only came to show off what she’s wearing. You’ll most likely find the fashionista hanging around the Doodle Arts’ live installations trying to snap the perfect party photo for IG.

The Hoe

If your friends don’t bat an eye whenever you disappear with a random stranger during a night out, congrats! You’re a hoe. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Amber Rose are shook. Because no party is complete without people looking for easy game, a hoe’s primary objective on any given night is to get laid, location optional. Make sure to knock before entering the cabana bathroom!

The Fan

Will probably show up to the event at 6PM because they’re just ~so~ excited to be there. Aside from being the first to grab party treats like our poptails, super cute Pouf cotton candy, Jell-O shots and /ESCAPE caps, the fans make it a point to secure a spot at the front to catch the opening acts (Nix Damn P and Lesha) before Kiiara takes the stage. They tell their friends that they’ve been listening to lil Kii Kii way before she ever went mainstream and probably know all her songs by heart (even her latest release with LP).

The Drunk

We all know one person that says they’re only going to have one drink only to find them huddled up in a corner at 2AM after polishing off a dozen IDGAF and Busy Bey shots. The drunks are always great to have around because they’re a nightly reminder of what happens when you lie about your alcohol tolerance to your friends.

The Tita

“Shit”, you whisper under your breath as your drunk friend trips on the stairs on the way out of Pool Club. Always the most responsible person in the squad, titas exist to make sure people don’t lose their phones and everybody gets back to their place in one piece after a wild night out.

The Aging Millennial

“Who is Kiiara? But more importantly, why are there two i’s in her name?”

Catch electropop artist Kiiara perform live at The Palace Pool Club for #AYearOfESCAPE on March 3! Click here to get your passes.