It’s always a great deal to Filipinos when someone from the country gets an international win. It’s no different now that Ace Ramos, one of your favorite resident DJs at The Palace, was nominated into Asia’s top 10 DJs by AsiaEDM. Having performed in a long list of countries both within and outside the continent, the DJ’s skills are proved not only by the cheering crowds but also the experience. As we found in his DJ of the month feature, Ace enjoys a lively crowd that really knows how to feel the music. A sign of a DJ who doesn’t just play songs, but also cares about his audience.

With over twenty years in the industry under his belt, it’s about time for some great recognition. A small token of gratitude from us to the man who provides the tunes to so many of our lit nights is a quick vote here. Good luck, Ace! Thank you for doing what you do so we get to party on. Here’s to many more nights of chilled drinks and great music!