What do you do when you and your husband have the body of greek gods and goddesses? You flaunt it like it’s no one’s business. And that’s exactly what celebrity couple, Troy and Aubrey did—bare it all for the world to see.


Good times and no tan lines #befree #notanlines #swimsuitnotrequired #thefarmsanbenito

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The hot pair took to Instagram to post pictures of their /ESCAPE from the city earlier this week where it looked like they had a mini-honeymoon and quick getaway in The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas, enjoying their much-needed R&R, as well as squeezing in some yoga sessions to fully recharge and recenter themselves. And what better way to commemorate their experience by baring it all and showing the world how ageing gracefully is done?

Scroll down and see for yourself the uber sexy Insta pics Troy and Aubrey had posted. We just can’t deal.

If I were that ripped, I’d probably do the same, tbh.


Current mood: clothing is optional @milesaubrey #thefarmsanbenito

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Like seriously, guys, how?


There's always two sides of the story @milesaubrey

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Here’s a little reminder that Aubrey is a mother of two. TWO. Yes, she already gave birth and still looks hot as hell. #HowToBeU


At 37 I have no complaints?

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Here is #Daddy Troy being free AF:


Be free @troymontero

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This is the right way to get Vitamin Sun in the morning:


7-8 Morning Sun??

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And of course, a getaway like this calls for some much-needed bae time. How about having breakfast together? (Of course, if you’re Troy and Aubrey, clothing is optional.)


Good Morning?? My favorite time of the day

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Now how’s that for ageing gracefully, right? Oh, us mere mortals can only hope to achieve this level of buffness as parents well over our 20s. (Well, technically you can, by living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise!)

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