Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban are in Australia together. This is not a drill. They are in Australia. Together. TOGETHER!



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After months of speculation of these two rekindling the old flame, both coming from long-term relationships and bad breakups, and now they finally gave us a bone. Making everyone go gaga reliving their childhood sweethearts phase.

Okay, seriously, are all of our favorite old love teams getting back together one way or another?!

If you're too young to know what I'm talking about (let’s not go there), Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino used to be one of the hottest love teams in Philippine showbiz. As in they were paired in 1999 in the turn of the century just when they were just seven and eight years old (NOT EVEN 10).


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No confirmations yet as to why these two are getting cozy but we’re all at the edge of our seats just waiting for this fact to be verified. *fingers crossed*

Comment what you guys think! Are they finally back together?