Can’t decide what beauty product you should wear on a date or a night out? We got you!

Or for moreeven better, The Makeup Addicts got you! Katrina Ponce-Enrile and Kris Ponce-Enrile share with us their current fave beauty products for any situation! These products might just be your next holy-grail product and we’re pretty sure these suggestions will make you look even more E-X-T-R-A!


For your night out around town Kat suggests you use MAC Mehr lipstick to top off your look. Mehr is a nudeish pink shade that will go with dark or light makeup. Kris suggests using the URBAN DECAYrban Decay All Nighter spray to keep your makeup intact all throughout the night. It is said that it will make your makeup last for 16 hours! Amazing!

Date Night

Going on a date? Try spraying on some LE LABOe Labo Bergamote 22 perfume! This perfume has citrus and floral hints perfect for that summer day/night date. Needing that something extra for your date look? Apply on the L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara to accentuate those pretty eyes! These products will have your date stunned!


Look extra gorg on those brunch photos with your barkada! Kat’s fave is the new FENTYenty lip gloss! This single shade lip gloss will fast become a must-have. While Kris’ fave is the BENEFITenefit Watts Up highlighter. This cream-to-powder highlighter will give you that champagne glow! Perfect for that day-time selfie or groufie!


Dry shampoo and sunscreen will be your new travel must-haves! Kat’s fave is the BATISTEatiste Dry Shampoo that will keep your hair looking fresh on the go. This will keep your hair from going greasy and looking lifeless on those travel IG photos. Sunscreen is a must-have no matter what, Kris’ fave brand is the BADGER ZINKadger Zink Oxide Sunscreen face stick. It’s perfect for travelling because its small and can easily fit in your handbag!

So go on and apply that sunscreen, get that highlight on, and of course, don’t forget to use a setting spray so that your masterpiece won’t go to waste—especially in this summer heat! How about you? What are your current favorite beauty products? Share them below!