Admit it! At some point, we all tried to be bloggers! L O L!

Some people are just more successful with their blogs than most! And we just don’t notice it but some of these blogs are actually helpful in getting different information we need and want to know. In this day and age, we pretty much spend most of our times on our gadgets, scrolling through different websites to get inspiration for almost anything and everything we want. There are a bunch of blog types, from food to beauty to travel, etc. we can get the inspiration we never knew we needed. We give you a rundown of blogs that are really worth the follow and can serve as your inspo for your day to day lives:

1. The Makeup Addicts (

If you want a one-stop shop to know about the latest It thing in the beauty world, this is the blog to go to! Behind this site is the mother-daughter duo, Katrina and Kris Ponce-Enrile, who will not only share with you the best products you should be investing in but they provide helpful beauty tips as well. You will be a makeup expert in no time!

2. Vern & Verniece Enciso (

These twins, Vern and Verniece Enciso, have been in the blogging scene for so long, and they just keep getting bigger. And there is no question why! Follow them to see the latest fashion trends and if you need outfit pegs they are definitely the girls to inspire your next pak na pak outfit!

3. The Caveman Travels (

If you LOVE to travel, this is the blog you should be subscribed to! From itinerary to packing tips, The Caveman Travels got you covered! This blog doesn’t just show you the beautiful travel destinations but give you information about that place too! It will inspire you to travel, so get that passport ready and read up now!

4. Kryz Uy (

This girl is one of the OG bloggers of the PH! From fashion blogging, she has expanded into lifestyle blogging and vlogging too. If you are looking for fun yet still informative content, follow this girl! You won’t regret it following this blog today!

5. EATSploration (

This blog features different restaurants that we’re going to want to try right away. A blog that we can rely to give us honest reviews and great coverage of the featured restaurant. Warning: this blog will make you hungry! Kaloka! But who doesn’t love food right?!

6. Gadget Match (

Can’t easily choose whether to upgrade that phone or laptop? Good thing there’s this blog that will help us with good reviews and an unboxing session, wherein you get to watch first-hand the functions of a new gadget. Fun! Go and see if it’s worth buying that new tech you’re eyeing!

7. Go Jackie Go (

This beautiful momma of two is your next fitspo! She shows us that no matter what we can be fit and fab! From what workout to do to how and what supplements to take, she shares them all. Go start your fitness beauty and have Jackie as your inspiration. Read up on some fitness tips, perfect for that summer bod!