Like a flower in bloom, model Wanda Chen is ready to show the world her true colors. We’ve seen the naturally dark-haired beauty grace local campaigns and live out the influencer lifestyle—but beyond her perfectly curated feed of flowers, cats and dreamy aesthetics lies a chameleon soul whose colorful personality mirrors her vibrant sense of style.

In the latest edition of #GenerationLit, we tap the modern muse as she takes her place under the spotlight as one of Manila’s social media style stars.

/ESCAPE: When did you first start modeling?

Wanda Chen: I’ve always been modeling since I was young but I never really pursued it full-time. But now that I’m done with school, these past few months have been great.

What do you usually think about when you’re posing?

WC: I don’t really think about it too much. I sort of just go with whatever pose I’m feeling, but sometimes the photographer would show me pegs of how they want the vibe of the shoot to turn out, so I just emulate it with my own style.

Your feed’s pretty dope. Do you put a lot of thought behind your posts or do you just go with the flow?

WC: It’s a bit of both. Some photos take a lot of effort to come up with, like the flatlays, but with my #OOTD stuff, it’s all pretty much taken in the moment and not really planned out.

You’re constantly dyeing your hair. If you could just settle for one hair color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

WC: Platinum blonde hair. I wish I was born with it.

Describe your aesthetic.

WC: I would say that I like colors! Anything colorful or cute I’d wear it haha!

You love to post flowers on Instagram. What’s your favorite one?

WC: Oh I didn’t realize that… I do actually haha! My fave are definitely purple hydrangeas!

Got any tattoos?

WC: Yeah, I got a heart and a flower one. I have white ones on my finger and my arm but it’s barely visible unless I actually show you.

Introvert or extrovert?

WC: I can be both.

Say you had a friend learning makeup for the first time. What’s the first thing you’d teach them?

WC: To be honest, I don’t even think I’m the best person to ask about makeup, but I do a really good ombre lip gradient thing that Koreans do, so maybe that one.

If we were to ask your friends what you’re like, what would they say?

WC: That I’m awesome (laughs).

What’s your #1 style staple?

WC: I think my backpack! I have all my stuff in there: makeup, power bank, money, perfume etc. And it’s pretty easy to carry around.

How many cats do you own? Do you think the crazy cat lady stereotype is unfair for genuine cat lovers?

WC: I have four cats. Hermione, Pepper, Garfield and Salem. I wasn’t aware of that stereotype (laughs) but I wouldn’t want to be considered “crazy” just because I like cats.

Name something you’ve always wanted to try.

WC: I wanna go skydiving!

Last song you listened to?

WC: Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House.

Check out Wanda’s own playlist that we played during our #GenerationLit photoshoot here:

Have you ever personally connected to a film before? What film was it?

WC: Yeah I do, I like watching movies a lot! That’s like, my favorite pastime ever. A film that I relate to in a way would be Palo Alto.

Fill in the blanks: On a Saturday night, you’ll find me _______.

WC: On my bed with my cats!

Twitter or Instagram?

WC: Definitely instagram.

One thing you always remind yourself everyday?

WC: Everything happens for a reason.

What’s your fave /ESCAPE?

WC: That’s for me to know and you to find out!


Produced by Kaye Pernia (@kayepernia)

Edited by Dan Buenaventura (@danbuenav)

Photography by Karlo Torio (@karlotorio)

Words by Kimberly Lynch (@kimberlynch)

Styling by Kaye Pernia (@kayepernia)

Accessories by SM Accessories (@smaccessories)

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