Where are you going tonight?” A typical question you’d have most likely answered with “Valk bro! Sama ka?”. That’s what we would say. When you look back at all the wild nights full of hype music, cold drinks, and pure walwalan, what pops to mind is Valkyrie Nightclub. But what’s the club up to now? After four lit and long years of feeling the beat, it’s time to take a break as Valkyrie undergoes a ~rebirth~. But no need to worry, The Palace isn’t cutting you off the party scene cold turkey. It’s time to relive your greatest experiences in this hit of a night, before the next phase of clubbing continues.

This renewal of literally the number one club in the Philippines, and known by many as Asia’s greatest nightlife destination, is something that will change your party experience. After serving you up their sick af takes of the best music, watch out for the resident DJs, Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, Marc Naval, and Kat DJ, with MC Pao by their side, as they band together on this night to bring the house down just before it gets built up all over again. Before taking a short break to rediscover the night, lose yourself one more time in Valkyrie Nightclub for the Renovation Party, this March 24! What’s coming next? Keep up with /ESCAPE for the big reveal.