If you haven’t been living under a rock the past few days, you are probably aware of the new 280-character limit on Twitter, doubling up from it’s OG 140 characters. You probs even tried out the new feature: smashing the keyboard or seeing how many periods can fill up a Tweet (duh, 280 periods).

Of course, there was a variety of hilarious reactions to this twist of events. We’ve done the honor of collecting them for you here:

When people felt obligated to reach the limit

When people realized how much they can expand on phrases

When you need to unleash some of that Bea Alonzo drama.

When you want to lawyer someone into doing something for you.

When everyone just started screaming Tweets

Note that all McDo’s all over the world did the same...

But it’s only in the Philippines that we have replies like this.

When science was given a chance to express itself

And so was religion


When confessions became so much easier to make

When people realized what they really needed

Like really REALLY needed.

Like really, really, REALLY needed.

And when people realized it’s not Twitter that is cray but people (especially with the topic of pizza toppings)

Zero chill for pineapple pizza lovers.

How do you feel about the new 280-character limit? Let us know in the comments below! (No character limited required. Hehe.)