Whether it’s struggling with today’s tech or being totally clueless about who Xander Ford is, we’re always on the lookout for tita-dorable Kris Aquino moments on social media. As much as we find some of her IG posts and Tweets hilarious, we gotta admit that a part of us says “omg same, kris” and an even bigger part knows that’s how we’ll be going the same way in the future.

Recently, the center of the internet’s amusement is Kris’s growing obsession with BTS. Yes, the hottest K-pop group in the world. For most fans, they sign up for the “army” after seeing one video. For Kris? It was their Gucci outfits at the AMAs and then their guesting on Ellen.

 Then she started interacting with the army.

And found the deeper connection she shared with the boys.

Of course, all debates about buying merch (especially the item that got her knee-deep in the fandom) is null and void. Look at her #throwback to her first fangirl moment on just Day 2.


#btsarmy this is how it all started for me- binalik balikan ko this jacket online because i kept debating whether to buy or not- but practicality won- sobrang mahal talaga & i just couldn’t justify the purchase. Then came @bts.bighitofficial on the AMA awards & i saw my dream @gucci jacket! So i started watching their performance closely, 1st i got impressed by their moves- i can barely walk w/o tripping or falling & i can’t dance to save my soul. Then i realized ang gaganda ng boses nila! So after watching the AMA performance more than 10X, i watched them on Ellen & Jimmy Kimmel- then I bought their albums. After listening & reading the English translation (i’m a lyrics freak)- in no particular order i love Serendipity, Best of Me, Her, Love is Not Over, I Need U, Butterfly, Autumn Leaves, and Am I Wrong. P.S. Now listening to MAMA - this tribute to Moms is making me love them even more. “Because you gave selflessly to me, Because you were my support, Now you can believe in your son, you can smile...” How can i not love them? Proud member #btsarmy (question when will they perform in Tokyo, Bangkok, or Singapore? I’ll FLY to watch them!) ????????

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She owned up to her role as the “oldest army member” and decided to play the part in the most Kris-Aquino way possible:

We feel you, Kris! How did you end up signing into the BTS Army? Hit us up in the comments below!

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