Adulting. The inescapable truth of life. As much as you want to stay in Neverland as the next 20 year-old, we simply have to face the truth that (as much as I hate to say it) we're getting old.

So listen up, kids. We the millennial titos and titas of /ESCAPE pooled a number of nuggets of wisdom to help you, the next generation of budding adults, get through the next big stage in your life also known as being an adult (and do a damn hell of a hood job at it). So whip out those café planners and be ready to jot down notes, because trust us when we say, you’ll need ‘em.

Formal attire

This is an investment. You might not find owning a suit or a long formal dress as a necessity but mind you, you're entering the age of formal dinner parties and, dare I say it, weddings. It's always nice (and smart) to have this in your closet, maybe something that fits you very well. Plus, saves you time and unnecessary stress when you do actually need to attend a formal event. Just sayin'.

A workout regimen

If you haven't heard, your body isn't as lumber and your metabolism as fast as you were when you were a teen scarfing down pizza and all that you can put in your mouth. You really need to start working out REGULARLY. Not just when you have a beach trip or you're trying to shed the Holiday weight. Don't worry, there are a lot of fun activities you can substitute as workouts but just make sure you keep yourself active!

Sensible shoes

We may have that tiis ganda culture but how many more years do we have to endure blistered feet from just a short walk in those new stilettos or cute but hard almost-stepping-barefoot-because-lack-of-cushioning ballet flats? Sometimes, comfort needs to come first. But it doesn't have to look drabby. Trust me, your feet will thank you for it.

Skin care routine

We're not telling you to do the 10-step Korean facial care (try it), but at the very least just put on some sunscreen and moisturize! Whether you have oily or dry skin, try to make it a habit to wash your face, put on sunscreen or simply moisturize at the start and end of each day. You wouldn't want to have wrinkles and saggy skin as early as your thirties, do you?

A wide network

Now, this might be the least of your priorities but the benefits of having a wide network has no limits. No need to fuss too much over this, just make sure that you try to meet as much people as you can. You never know that a future business venture might blossom from a simple hello.

Bank accounts

Yup, you read that right. It's in plural. Maybe one of the most useful life hacks in managing your savings (sh*t just got real). But in all seriousness, have different bank accounts for the money you'd use for your everyday expenses and at least one more solely for your savings and maybe another for emergencies. Just make sure to put money in that account at every payroll.


What? Why would you need insurance when you're only in your 20s? In terms of investments, the best one you can make is investing on yourself. So no, 20 isn't too early to start getting insurance. You'd be sure that you'd be compensated if anything happens to you, and if nothing doesn't, you'd be surprised by how much your money will have grown once you cash it out. Awesome, right?

Domestic skills to take care of yourself

That's right. You better know how to cook your own food, launder and iron your own clothes, clean your own space and bathroom and take care of your grown ass self. Sure, you have the luxury of having help or have your mom be kind enough to do all those for you, bless her soul, but if you're nearing your thirties and you can't even iron your shirt or cook yourself a decent meal, it won't take an expert to see something wrong...

A handful of constants

Being the social butterfly that you are, we know you have a multitude of friends you can go to for different things. But it's different having a solid go-to group that has less drama and who you know will always, ~always~ have your back, no matter what. Whether it's complaining about that ex for the millionth time, a bad perm they talk you out of, or simply being with you over a bad hangover--they will always be there to hold your hand… or your hair as you vomit into the toilet.

Any more must-haves you think you'll need as you live the last few years of your youth? (I'm kidding--not really) Comment them down below! You just might be able to help a fellow Twenteen!