Who said you can’t party and study at the same time throughout your student life? As we all know, college may be quite demanding but hey, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire teenage life buried in books and paperwork! And because we’d love to help all you college kids/party animals find balance between your school and social life, we’ve reached out to a few scholars who turn up like there’s no tomorrow yet still make it seem effortless to get those A’s and even manage to participate in extracurriculars.

Here’s some tips on how to survive college while still having a social life:

1. Never ditch a class

Surprising as it may be but yes, ditching classes will give you nothing but just surprises. When you ditch a class, you miss important announcements—be it a quiz for the next meeting or a write-up to be passed the night after. Save yourself the hassle. Besides, perfect attendance sometimes earns extra points!

2. Take notes yourself

Writing down notes during lectures increases retention. It’s also much easier to understand your own handwriting than your classmates’. It will save you lots of time from transcribing, hence, you’ll have more time to party!

3. Don’t procrastinate

Finish take-home essays as soon as possible. Don’t let it sit there for days. If it can be done right away, do it right away.

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4. Timing is everything

As cliché as it sounds, timing is key. Don’t schedule a nightout on a night where you have to study and prepare for an important exam the morning after. It’s always best to go out with friends when you’re actually done with school work for the week.

5. Drink moderately

They say walwal is for the brokenhearted. Responsible drinking is still the best life hack for all party animals out there—you get to turn up more in a week when you’re not always hammered on every nightout!

Cheers to an enjoyable, far-from-boring student life we all deserve! After the hell week is over, make sure to spend your chill AF Friday at HABITAT, The Palace Pool Club’s college night!

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