Once upon a time we told you a story of how you can survive a summer fling, and now we’re going to tell you how yours is going to turn out. This summer, it’s all about being hot, sticky, and keeping things shady. Will you escape the summer heat by avoiding men at all costs? Or will you intensify it even more by adding a sizzling hot dreamboat in your life? These are the questions we’re allowing the stars to answer.

Whether you’re a stunning scorpio or a deceiving gemini, the perfect pair of sunglasses will let you see your summer fling through stylishly magical lenses. Will this turn into more or will it fizzle out two weeks in? Find out below.

Aries: Break the rules to find a bae

As the sign of the season, the ones who fall under Aries are feeling rebellious and powerful. While seeing life through rose-colored lenses, the rams will meet their summer fling by breaking the rules set by family and friends. Be careful though, doing whatever and whoever you want might lead to some serious repercussions.

Taurus: Stop overthinking and break it off

You’ve already found a bae and for some reason, you’re overthinking his loyalty. Remember that this is just a summer fling, it isn’t meant to last. It might’ve felt good during the first week you spent together surfing in Siargao, maybe you felt like Jericho and Erich. But now it’s time to cover your eyes and break free.

Gemini: Keep things bright and light

You’ve met someone in school/uni and after a couple eye sex appointments over coffee in the city, you’re ready to bang it up. Keep things bright and cheerful. With yellow tones all around, he’ll be into you, both emotionally and literally, in no time. If coffee is what you bonded over, why not escape to La Union and try out El Union coffee?

Cancer: Stalk before you talk

There’s someone you’ve been eyeing for a while, and while they look like they just came off of an underwear ad, you don’t know how their personality is. Don’t forget to do your background check, find out if they already have a special someone, and once it all checks out, gear up for the beach date with your specs and sunscreen.

Leo: Your choices are overflowing

As blue as the ocean, the sunglasses you need will help you realize that your summer fling options are positively overflowing. Filled to the brim, you’re getting DMs left, right, and center from guys you met in Manila and even your wet and wild escapes. Remember to be selective and make good choices. Condoms are as important as sunscreen.

Virgo: Delicate meets dangerous

As a virgo, you’re expected to be dainty and demure, but your chilling gaze says otherwise. Behind a dark pair of glasses, you throw shade like no other. Even though the men of the metro might find you a little intimidating, your insides scream for a cute date somewhere beach side, like Batangas or Subic.

Libra: Fuel your summer fire

Scorching HOT, your passion burns like a sexy flame. You’ve met someone already, and unlike others who break things off at the end of their vacations, you’re willing to put in the work when you return to the city. Since you’re brave enough to keep your love burning, stick tuned to /ESCAPE for more summer date ideas!

Scorpio: Boys would be lucky to have you

As a romantic, you keep things delicate and sweet. Even at the beach, you choose sunglasses with pink hues, a sign of your romantic nature. You’d treat a boy right, and all your suitors know that. Your life aesthetic is similar to an eternal sunset, and that pastel princess attitude will attract your island prince, whom you’ll most likely find in Palawan.

Sagittarius: Adventure awaits, and so does he

Some people (those who stick around Makati or BGC for the whole summer) are able to find flings in the city, but you’re not like that. As a Sagittarius, you find yourself craving adventure. Remember to play it safe, but traveling alone is the perfect method of meeting new people. You never know who you’ll cross paths with when you sunbathe in Boracay.

Capricorn: His cuteness can be costly

Edgy, futuristic, and out of the norm, your personality as a Capricorn matches these larger than life frames. Your summer fling is cute and all, but you find yourself spending a little too much money on him and not on yourself. Why invest in someone that wouldn’t last you over two months? Save your pesos for the next time you crave a trip.

Aquarius: Say goodbye to your summer fling

I’m sorry dear, your summer fling is about to end and there’s nothing that can stop it. But at the end of the day, isn’t that the whole point of it? Stay positive and keep good vibes in the air with shady glasses and a shade of pistachio that remind your of the summer fling boundaries. Remember our lessons? Don’t get too attached.

Pisces: 50 shades of undetermined

Nothing is simply black and white. Your hookups and hangovers with this sterling young man reminds you of a certain BDSM movie we dearly loved, but remember to call it quits when things start to hurt. With gradient lenses, see every shade of grey you need in order to think about thing fling clearly. It’s still undetermined how this will turn out.

The stars have aligned for you all, and just as Venus is linking to Uranus, so will… something else. Don’t be afraid to feel frisky, but know when you should hold back when needed. Put on your special shades and make your way through the season with finesse—it’s going to be a long, hot summer, and it’s going to be even hotter with someone by your side.

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