Ever since the epic engagement video came out, everyone has been dying to know more deets about the much-anticipated wedding of the year. But if anyone hadn’t noticed, which I’m pretty sure a lot has, it’s been very quiet. Maybe a little too quiet, in fact. Since we know you’re dying to get more info about this wedding more than anything, we’re letting you in on what /ESCAPE knows so far. *Wink*

The Date

Save the date and brace yourself as it is just a mere few days away! The couple has been scheduled (according to rumors) to tie the knot this weekend! (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT: THIS WEEKEND.)

The Venue

Much to many people’s surprise, the much awaited Erwanne nuptials will be held in New Zealand, contrary to the much-speculated venues of Australia and USA.

The Guests

As the wedding is becoming more apparent of how private and intimate it really is, we’re sure only a handful or so people were invited. Only really close friends and family. So here are the ones we know are definitely on the guest list (and can get more wedding deets from!).


Solenn and our very own SceneZoned cover boy Nico have been posting their adventures in New Zealand on Instagram for the past couple of days. It seems like they’re experiencing NZ as much as possible by hiking and horseback-riding with what seems like the Southern Alps in the background.

Adrien Semblat and wife Isabelle Daza


2nd day, 2nd summit at rocky mountain with @ritzo

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Adrien is getting some of that pre-wedding hiking pre-game as well while wife Belle has just arrived from Jakarta.

Jess Wilson and boyfriend Moritz Gastl


Just kidding, I loved it ??

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Younger Wilson sister Jess, as well as boyfie Moritz, were also spotted enjoying hikes in the mountains of New Zealand. We’re pretty sure Georgina and the family are on their way as well.

And of course…

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Of course a wedding won’t be complete without the sister of the bride! Jas recently posted on her IG stories that she’s also touched base at the wedding venue.

BJ Pascual


Tiis Nginig ??? (? @nicole_andersson)

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Take it from BJ Pascual—what better way to spend pre-wedding days by upping the IG-game, right?

Nicole Andersson


Using every bit of self-control I have to not bust out in 'Let It Go' ??? ?: @bjpascual

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...and of course, leave it to Nicole Andersson to show us how to make the most out of the winter wonderland in style.

Laureen Uy

Looks like ½ of the fashionista sister duo are already exploring the snowy alps! We’re on the lookout for when sister Liz will join them.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

Look! More couples! Here’s Angel with beau Nico touring around the city with Laureen Uy! (We feel you, Lau.)

Mond Gutierrez

More of the It girls (and boys) are starting to come in. Word is, Georgina is on the way, too!

It’s Showtime family

Looks like Anne’s co-hosts and family are on their way to support Anne on her big day!

Luis Manzano and girlfriend Jessy Mendiola

Rumored ~man of honor~ has arrived in NZ with his lady Jessy! We know you’re not in QC, Luis!

We can’t wait to see more and more guests come in! Stay tuned for more wedding deets from the much-awaited Erwanne nuptials here at /ESCAPE!