It started with a challenge that’s evidently evolved into a lifestyle. Mond Gutierrez has continued to push harder and harder in the past year as he continues to reap the benefits of his (no longer newly) healthy body. The events concept creator and TV personality hit the ground running as he shocked the world with a sudden transformation, both physically and mentally, inspiring people everywhere to get up and work out with #NoExcuses.


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Those who laughed it off as a fit phase have been proven wrong as it’s one year later and people are still in awe. As Mond’s birthday approaches, we figured it’s the perfect time to have a look back on his fitness journey.

The Century Tuna #NoExcuses challenge

The spark that lit the flame, Century Tuna’s challenge for Mond had driven him to be a healthier person. With the likes of Erwan Heussaff and his trainer Arnold Aninion, the It Girls producer was just getting started. Looking back, can you even imagine Mond looked like that?

Realizing he didn’t want to be fat

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing you have one. As someone who believes that words have some kind of power, I think that the moment Mond declared he no longer wanted to be fat was when his change for the better had started.

Last year’s birthday celebration


When you want to be fit but it's also your birthday. #RideMeMond ?

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You know you’ve found a new addiction for something when you want to spend your birthday doing it. Hosting a little get-together at none other than Ride Revolution, the sweat broke out as they cycled through this neon-themed party.

Was the struggle worth it? Yes

The struggle is real. Very, very real. You know what they say, unless you feel like you can’t do it, it isn’t really developing your body. With the release of Mond’s second vlog, we were given an insider look on even more workouts.

It’s always easier with a friend


Hanging out with @solennheussaff ?? #ArnoldsArmy @arnoldaninion

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Journeys are best gone through with friends by your side. Luckily for Mond, he had his army of fitness fanatic friends with him to keep him going every step of the way.

The big reveal at the end of the challenge

As the challenge came to an end, Mond posted something for the very first time (trust me, I was keeping an eye out for it). A shirtless photo that served as the big ‘after’ reveal. Jaw, meet floor.

Unexpectedly becoming the face of summer


On the summer cover of @escapetothepalace! ??link on my bio ??

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Nobody had forseen Mond becoming the very face of summer, but the very first of his steamy summer features was his #SceneZoned moment. Taking his Gucci shirt for a dip in front of our very eyes, we can confirm that the body wasn’t just Photoshopped.

Going from challenge to change

Losing weight or getting fit is very tricky. If you skip gym too many times or go on a binge eating spree too often, you can quickly see your hard-earned work wear away. Fortunately, that wasn’t an issue here as Mond kept pushing harder and harder for his body to be synonymous with perfection.

One year later


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Here we are, one year later. Looking back, it seems as if it were just yesterday that his journey was beginning. It’s funny how time and life interweave each other so we easily forget how hard one worked to get to where they are now.

You could say that the challenge started it all, but without his determination to actually get up and start working out, nothing would’ve changed at all. Have a very happy birthday, Mondy! From fitness to fun, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you this 2018. For our readers, why not make like Mond and drag your squad out for a workout? That’s sure to light some motivation within.

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